Deep Sea is a free responsive, clean and modern WordPress theme focused on simplicity and good typography.


It is developed following HTML 5 and CSS 3 standards with JavaScript support to cover no-standard browsers.




  1. Download Deep Sea WordPress theme package,
  2. Extract the zip and upload the extracted deepsea folder in your site in thewp-content/themes/ directory,
  3. login the WordPress Administration section and activate the theme fromAppearance -> Themes section.

A site or blog that use Deep Sea can be also read via mobile devices thanks to CSS3 Media Queries implementation.

Custom menu and custom widgets can be used from the Administration WordPress panel to customize the look of the site to fit your needs.

Once the theme is installed and activated it is just needed to go inWordPress Administration Appearance section and do the customizations:


Custom menu:


After logged in the WordPress Administration section go to Appearance -> Menus.

Create a new custom menu by typing the desired name in Menu name, save the menu.

Add some pages or posts to the new menu, save and choose the created menu from the dropdown menu in Menu Location.

After done it you will see your custom menu appears in your site.


Custom widgets:


After logged in the WordPress Administration section go to Appearance -> Widgets and choose which widget to be added by drag and dropping them in the default widgets areas.


Front page:


If you want to have a static page as front page of your site Deep Sea offers a custom template design to cover this option.


Custom theme modification:


Before start remember that to make custom theme modification you need to know HTML, PHP/WordPress Coding and CSS, at least.

I do not take responsibility of any problems caused by a wrong usage of the theme. If you need to do a custom theme modification or you need more informations before start do the theme editing feel free to ask support to me via e-mail.

Child Theme:

In order to modify the ar theme you need to create a WordPress Child Theme.

To create an Deep Sea WordPress child theme you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Create a folder into wp-content/themes/ and name it as you want, for example deepsea-child,
  2. create an empty style.css file inside the wp-content/themes/deepsea-child/folder,
  3. Edit style.css by adding the following code at the very top of the file:
     /* Theme Name: deepsea-child Description: Child theme for Deep Sea Author: Your Name Template: deepsea */ @import url(../deepsea/style.css); 
  4. Your CSS rules will be inserted below the @import declaration.
  5. Go to Appearance -> Themes and activate your new deepsea-child.
  6. You can also create new templates files by copy and paste the template files you want to modify into the wp-content/themes/deepsea-child/ folder and do your modification.