UPDATE: Artist version 2.0 has been released and now features a TON of new options, offering much more control over your portfolio, galleries, branding, and more. See a full list at the bottom of this description.

Artist is a 100% Responsive theme created for illustrators, videographers, photographers, and other creatives looking to present their work on an ultra-professional website. It embraces cutting-edge design trends & tech, looks amazing, and is guaranteed to adapt to your unique style of work. Further, the entire site revolves around your work and personality. It puts your work first and foremost, ensuring that your audience will know exactly what type of creative professional they are about to meet. More importantly, it raises you above the competition through pristine technology and unprecedented sharing abilities. Once you dig in, we’re positive that you’ll be amazed by how powerful this theme truly is.

Feedback From Buyers

“I contacted Scissorbox and Josh helped me out tremendously! Theme is awesome, and his customer service is great!”—Jeff_Joyce

“…very cool, very powerful. It’s a must own for me, no question.” —Jackpot_Johnny

Why You’ll Want It

The Artist theme is extremely powerful but also very simple to install and to customize. Our team worked hard to ensure that the site is just as easy to use to the novice as it is for a technical genius. Serious, it’s that easy, but don’t think that means it’s not powerful. Check out what you’ll get with this awesome theme:

Your Site, Your Way

Artist is one of the most customizable themes available, and is an all in one site builder. Not only can you adjust the custom skins, but you can tweak the colors, background textures, slideshows, galleries, and more through an amazingly intuitive Theme Option Panel. This theme is also a fully-fledged content management system, allowing you to create custom pages and sites with ease, and to maintain and update your site via the WordPress admin.

Artist was designed specifically for creative professionals and amateurs alike. Whether you’re a crafty fine artist with a homegrown look, a photographer with a moody, sleek portfolio, or anything in between, Artist will adapt to your needs. Just check out the demo to get an idea. Check out how easy it is to make it yours:

• Light and Dark skins

• Countless background textures to mesh with your art or photographic style

• Change your accent color (tabs, headers, etc.) to any color

• Custom slideshow: Adjust the transitions and the style of each slide

• A Built-in logo creator let’s you create an elegant logo simply by typing in a name

• 100% Responsive: Users can view and share your work from any device!

• A modern portfolio by any sense of the word, both in presentation and technology

• A powerful but intuitive Theme options panel let’s you adjust all of these settings at the click of a button

• Bonuses: Free icons, PSDs, plugins, and more!

Your Portfolio

Artist implements a very unique portfolio that puts your work front and center in multiple ways. Your home page not only showcases your work, but it instantly makes your visitors identify with the type of artist you are and what you’re about.

The portfolio itself is a highly versatile section of the site that let’s you organize your work by topic or medium, and also let’s you display personal photos, shots of your studio, and pretty much anything else you can think of. No matter what you add, it will remain organized and easy to use by your visitors. All of your work is organized within a Pinterest-style montage that autoloads as the user scrolls, ensuring that they’ll have a tough time not getting addicted.

Share Your Work Like Never Before

On top of showing the work, it’s also important to get them talking, and the Artist theme is optimized for Social Media sharing. If someone likes your work, they can share it on all of their media outlets in the click of a button. Artist is easily the quickest way to get others talking about your portfolio.

Other Ideas

Artist is ideal for creative people of ANY nature, and that goes beyond just the typical portfolio. It is perfectly suited to showcase your favorite photos, show off your unique collectables, and to even link to an online shop like Etsy. It was built from the ground up not just for creative portfolios, but for flexibility, making it a truly powerful website builder.

Core Features

• 100% Responsive theme displays properly on any device

• Light & Dark skins with unlimited customization (colors, textures, layout, etc.)

• WordPress 3.4+ Compatibility (Tested up to WordPress 3.4)

• Advanced SEO optimization

• Custom Fonts

• Unprecedented Social Media sharing options and technology

• User friendly Theme Options Panel makes customization easy!

• Logo Creator: Simply type in your name or title and Artist does the rest!

• 60+ Free custom social media icons

• PSD files created by the original design expert

• Custom Widgets: Instagram feed, Twitter feed, Clients list, and much more

• Unique, Pinterest-style presentation of your work, with sharing for each individual piece

• Pop-up gallery let’s visitors see your work in detail, then share it with friends and social networks

• Custom Portfolio management in WordPress Admin

• Contact Page with support for Gravity Form

• Fully-featured, Responsive Blog with everything you need

• The Blog is optimized for Disqus, an industry standard of commenting and sharing on your Blog

• Rock-Solid framework

• Multiple jQuery effects: Slideshow, auto-loading on scroll (portfolio) pop-up galleries, and more

• Rock-Solid framework and clean code

• Multi-language friendly

• Awesome customer support

Artist 2.1 Release:

-Fixed issues with portfolio categories not properly dispalying

-Update to Twitter feed for better stability

-General stability fixes


Artist 2.0 New Features!

Powerful Portfolio Options

*Choose where to show each category! This was highly requested, so now you can customize the work on your home page specifically, such as Most Recent Work, Featured Work, etc., as well as what appears on your actual portfolio (in the previous version they had to be the same.). This is found under the “Appearance > Portfolio Categories” section in WordPress.

*You may now choose whether to show specific images on the home page or portfolio only. For example, if I want to show “All images” on my portfolio, but only half of those images on the home page, the setting allows you to do so.

*Choose how many images appear within each category. This is useful if you want to preload a lot of images, but don’t want to display them all.

*Updated Gallery behavior: From the portfolio, if you filter your results to show a specific category, then click an image, only the items within that category are sorted into the pop- Gallery.

More Control

-Upload your own custom logo image. The theme option panel now has a section to upload your own logo, where as before you had to upload it manually and alter the css.

-Control your fonts: Every font on the site is now changeable in the Themes Options panel, including body, headers, sidebar fonts, and even the built in logo generator.

-Optional “Load on Scroll” functionality: Some users have requested that all images load on the portfolio at once, rather than to show the “Getting images” loading icon, which loads images as you scroll down the page. We’ve now added the option. Keep in mind that this is recommended for very well-optimized images. Larger images, which will load slowly, will benefit from using the loading-on-scrol option because it lets the user know the site isn’t freezing or overly slow.


-Added back the Featured image category under “Home Slide Settings Panel” into the home slides template.

-Tweaked the Ajax request for the Portfolio/Home page.

-Minor tweaks and fixes throughout



Version 2.0: Added a TON of new features and tweaks! See above for full list. Small tweaks to Ajax functionality.

Version 1.2: Updated jQuery and Javascript to fix a small bug. WP 3.5 optimization

Version 1.0: Initial Release