BajiGoor WooCommerce Themes  is our another Apparel themes support by WooCommerce plugin.

Special from BajiGoor, just like its name (comes from the traditional hot drinks from West Java, ‘Bajigur’), we try to give you warmth and happiness by sharing the special for Kids Apparel here. You can show up your products attractively by BajiGoor big image sliders at the homepage, latest, random, and even featured products there. Also keep your customers informed by displaying your recent blog post at the home page.


Fully Integrated with WooCommerce

An e-commerce toolkit to help you sell anything beautifully. In collaboration with Tokokoo, enjoy all the facilities built-in with themes and feel the great and easy-to-operate themes indeed.

Facebook Page Integration

Who isn’t into Facebook nowadays? This feature enables you to market your products through one of the biggest social networking in the world. Reach the highest sales potential with this Facebook int

Incredible e-Commerce Designs

Leave your website appearance to our great and expert designers. We’ll make your site looks good, detailed, and efficient using our themes.

Hero Photo Slider

Feels proud to present your best products directly to everyone’s eyes right after they entered the home page. Earns the ‘ooh’ and ‘wow’ while them watching the pictures smoothly transite all in one powerful action.

Fully Responsive Design

Many developers say that it is a new phase of web design, just like when the industry moved from table based design to css based design.

Theme options panel to set up and customize the theme.

Our themes are equipped with Theme Options menu, which comes from special work done by Tokokoo team, that makes setting and customization become easier.

Easy menu management using WordPress custom menus.

Blog Post Format for ‘BajiGoor’

Add your new post for your blog and set the Format of your post. You can choose it whether it will be a Quote, Audio, Link, Aside, Gallery, Image, Video, Chat, or just Standard format.