Before And After Black Times” is clean, white, effects free elegant theme done for Fine for publishing the entire book or for just running regular blog.

Comes with variety of page templates (optional) which enhance the content of your site: introduction, gallery, video and more.


Features and particularities:

Design is clean, classic, minimal. Comfortable and simple structure. Adapted partially for the needs of disabled people. Works fairly well on any screen size. Widgetized sidebars are located in sliding panel under the post. Effects free. No sliders, parallax, animations. Shortcodes free. No third party plugins involved. No frameworks used, code is custom and completely manually written. Valid 100%. Widgets and custom post type come in plugins. Focused solely on content. Readability minded. Lightweight (without images theme weighs less than 400 kb). Fairly speedy (upon Pingdom test runs 49% faster than all tested websites). Tested on all major browsers (partially on Windows, partially on Mac) + iOS7. Help file in PDF format.

Background photographs, audio files are not included. Please, use your own.