Betterblog is a responsive, touch-ready theme for WordPress, designed with bloggers, writers, and online publishers in mind.

WordPress 3.8+ — Betterblog is optimized for WordPress 3.8 and above.

Theme Options — Customize the overall look and feel of Betterblog by using Theme Options. There are 5 theme option tabs: General, Logos, Backgrounds, Styles, and Custom.

Video Backgrounds — Betterblogs allows the creation of video backgrounds for the front page, pages and posts, and category archive pages, and gracefully defaults to a selected background image for mobile and tablet platforms that do not auto-play videos.

Customize Categories — Betterblog adds the following new fields to WordPress categories using the category-colors plugin for category customization.

Customize Posts and Pages — Betterblog uses featured images and adds new fields to the post and page editors.

Fonts — Betterblog uses Google fonts to enhance typography selections for the site name, headings, and body.

Responsive Media Embeds — Betterblog uses the WordPress embeds and a responsive media plugin to allow admins to include media that resizes to fit responsively into the Betterblog columns.