Another Great, Free Theme from Storefront Themes


  • Business/Corporate design style
  • Custom color options built into the Theme Customizer for Navigation Bar, Header, Footer/Breadcrumbs and Buttons/Links.
  • Page templates for left sidebar, right sidebar and full width page template
  • Hidden search field in navigation that magically appears on hover
  • Full height border trick for equal columns that separates content from the sidebar


  • Based on _s framework (
  • All necessary WordPress files
  • Lean css – only 424 lines!
  • Adaptive color scheme – text over colored areas are alpha channeled so that their color adapts to the color underneath.
  • Simple javascript at js/navigation.js to mobilize your menu
  • 100% GPL-licensed! Use it however you wish!


  • Bizmo is free to use as you please
  • We have a pro plugin for all of our Storefront Themes customers that adds WP e-Commerce compatibility, custom logo upload and more theme options.
  • Awesome support forums to get answers to your questions direct from Storefront Themes
  • Tutorial videos for the theme as well as all eCommerce features.
  • Unlimited access to all our themes and plugins!