Updated on 30th Aug – now with responsive layout

For months, we’ve worked hard not to simply make a beautiful theme but a tool that makes it easy to build, setup and manage all key elements for a sophisticated design. Design as it is in your imagination and what your customers want.

We did our best to make it flexible and easy to work with. We believe that the tools included in the are really useful and will save much of your time.


blueprint layered scaffolding

Page Builder

blue box page builder

The Page Builder makes it a one-click job to configure your layout structure, and page content.

With an easy-to-use drag and drop drop interface you can add unlimited number of layout elements, configure their presentation – as each element comes with its specific options to play with. Resize each element to make it display as a single to four columned element on the layout.

You can configure a more generalized look of your website from the Theme Options panel. This will affect all pages on your website. If you want dig deeper into customization – no problem. You can define the layout structure for yout Portfolio and Blog pages from the Theme Options panel as well.

But if you want to be really specific – the page builder is available while editing each single page – you can create a unique look of your website and pages.

Customize each page’s layout

sidebar manager preview

With the Layout Manager incorporated with the Page Builder you can easily change the layout structure of any single page – choose between one sidebar – left or right – two sidebars, or no sidebars at all.

You can set general layout structure from the advanced Theme Options page within the admin panel. This will affect the whole look of your site without you having to bother about per-page modifications if you don’t want to.

Unlimited Sidebars

The advanced Page Builder gives you the power to create unlimited sidebars and assign them to any single page. Again – if you do not want to bother customizing every page – the generalized hierarchy structure of layout loading will ensure that pages inherit parent structures if none is specified.

You can easily assign the sidebars dragging them to the specific positions in the builder (left or right) – and they will appear in the Widgets Admin area. Include various widgets to that suit the needs of the particular page.

Background Manager

background manager preview

Make unique look of your website with the advanced Background Manager. The layered structure of the layout combined with the limitless possibilities of backgrounds and colors makes it easy to create various visual effects – such as inner shadows, background textures and colors for each layer.

Each layout component (such as the header for example) supports up to 7 background images you can play with. And this is not limited to html5 only! Even your IE8 and below users can have unique experience visiting you site

Until now it was very hard to create the inner shadow effect on IE. Well, with the Background Manager you can easily do this. Select 4 gradient images (two oriented vertically and two horizontally). Make the first be position top-left and repeat vertically. The second – top-left and repeat horizontally. Do the opposite for the remaining two images – and you have the inner shadow effect! Now add a repeating texture background for the layer with opacity – add background color – and you have unique design for your layout!

Texture Manager

texture manager preview

The theme comes pre-packed with a number of background patterns to choose from. Each pattern comes with light and dark version, and 4-step opacity variations – .25, .5, .75, 1. This library has the potential to grow. You can even add your own background patterns – just need to follow the naming conventions.

Layered Structure

The layered structure is the backbone of the powerful page and backgrounds builder. It makes it possible to adjust each one of the components’ backgrounds, colors and fonts.

Unlimited Skins

skin manager preview

Play with the styling options. Save them. They are saved to the current skin you’re working on. Not happy with the results? Not a problem create a new skin and test there. Revert to the previous skin, create a new one modify again and save – as simple as that!

– 4 Blog Layouts

– 4 Portfolio Layouts

– Left, Right, Left & Right, or no sidebars on each page or template

– Custom Portfolio Grid Containers

– Custom Dynamic Sidebars

– Shortcodes Editor

– Nivo Slider

– WordPress 3.0 Ready (Menus & Featured Images)

– Localized Theme (contains .po/.mo files)

– Theme Options Panel

– Flickr Custom Widget

– Twitter Custom Widget

– Contact Form – js & php Validation

It’s well documented and contains psd files for all page layouts.

Layered background scaffolding

blueprint centered layout


Build your flexible centred layout with over 10 different components to design and play with.

blueprint centered layout


Blue Box lets build and change your backgrounds on multiple layers the way suits best for your needs. And this design will get reflected on any layout structure you decide – end-to-end, centred, with our without sidebars – there are no limitations.