Boldly Go Blue is Mardesco’s first official WordPress theme to be publicly released.  Sure, we’ve created dozens of WordPress themes in the past, but this is the first time we intend to attempt to get a theme listed for distribution through the WordPress repository.

It’s not there yet.  We just finished building it this morning.  But you can already download Boldly Go Blue from our GitHub repository, orview the Boldly Go Blue demo page from Mardesco Themes.

This free WordPress theme is built on the “Stargazer” framework by Justin Tadlock.  It’s presently a child theme, which means you’ll need to install the parent theme to make it work.  You can download the Stargazer theme from GitHub as well.

The theme framework has fantastic features, including font-icons for the social media menu in the footer, and stylish CSS3 transitions for the dropdown menus and content image hover states.

Mardesco’s child theme takes the concept one step further, with an app-style fixed header navigation menu, and a bold blue color that we know you’ll love.

Boldly Go Blue, the Stargazer child theme.  Its continuing mission: to boldly go where no blue has gone before!