Chemic – Responsive All-In-One is a convenient designed responsive and multi-purpose WordPress theme (WP3.5 ready) which is suitable for business, portfolio or personal websites.

Use the theme’s option backend theme and page options to define the look of the frontend. You can define colors as well as show or hide certain parts of the layout here. The theme can be used with Child themes and a quick hack for little CSS changes is included too (Custom CSS meta box).

The optional responsive designs allow the Chemic theme to appear optimal for different screen sizes. You can check the behavior by closing the ThemeSwitcher on Top of the page (X) and resizing the window or simply by using your mobile devices themselves. In case you do not need the responsive behavior just uncheck the corresponding checkbox in the theme’s options.

Use Chemic’s clean theme and page options to guide you through building your pages, posts and portfolios. The options were build with the standard WordPress Settings API to fit in the natural WordPress look&feel.

Chemic was build multilingual. Every plugin using .mo and .po files is supported (a chapter in our documentation is dedicated to this topic using an example plugin). You can use this files to easily change standard wordings too.

With Chemic’s theme’s option backend it’s very easy to create new portfolios. Just a click on “Add Portfolio”, filling in the name and you have a portfolio to bind to your portfolio page (page template). Take a look at the Portfolio options!

We put in the whole PSD files of the original design of the ThemeForest item in case you need to redesign parts of the theme.

The fantastic bestselling plugin Slider Revolution WP worth $17 is included in the download package! Along this the Fancybox 2 License of $89 is included too!

Chemic was build with SEO in mind! We use a structured markup throughout the theme and put the important content always first. All other SEO related things can be handled via the plugin of your choice, Chemic is ready for them.

One of the important maxims of computer programming is: Be conservative in what you produce; be liberal in what you accept.

Browsers follow the second half of this maxim by accepting Web pages and trying to display them even if they’re not legal HTML. Usually this means that the browser will try to make educated guesses about what you probably meant. The problem is that different browsers (or even different versions of the same browser) will make different guesses about the same illegal construct; worse, if your HTML is really pathological, the browser could get hopelessly confused and produce a mangled mess, or even crash.

That’s why we follow the first half of the maxim by making sure Chemic’s posts and pages are legal HTML..

The example pages/posts you see in our preview are included in the download zip. Read our documentation to see how to import the various Post Formats With Image, Slideshow, Youtube & Vimeo Video, Self-Hosted Video posts and pages.