Companio is a powerful responsive theme – it has a lot of options so you can customize it your own unique way.
Companio has 2 custom post types: Galleries and Projects.
Based on galleries you can make both photo galleries and sliders.
Just add the images you need to the gallery and after that using a shortcode you can easily embbed that gallery in any post.
The very same way – if you need a slider just create a gallery which is basically just a collection of images, then add the required info (like what image links to what page and so) and then using a simple shortcode turn that gallery into a slider.
Sliders have plenty of options – you can choose cropped or simple images, bigger or smaller sized sliders etc.
Another interesting post type are projects.
Projects contain info about the project itself along with info about copyright owner, project URL etc.
Companio also offers predefined page templates that you can use in different situations.
One of them is organizing your projects in portfolios.
You can choose from 1 columned, 2 columned or even 3 columned layout of your portfolio.
Companio offers a very simple way of generating the required Google map for your Contact page. All you have to do is just enter a real address and choose the map zoom you need. It will automatically generate the map.
Admin panel of the theme has A LOT of options: you can customize everything in like 15 minutes and use any colors and fonts you need. All the fonts are from Google Fonts directory.