Coraline is the perfect theme for the creative agency, freelancer or general business. Has a lot of modules are ready for homepage, it’s simple-to-use, customize and install.
For newbie: It’s easy to install the theme, and all the homepage modules are ready for you in the theme options. You can choose the modules by yourself!
For adept: It’s easy to customize the theme for your client, all the homepage modules support shortcode, and built-in Unlimited Sidebars/Slideshows, support shortcode also!
Note: for a proper view on mobile devices please close the demo iframe.

Theme Features

  • Friendly for SEO:All headings has been made in order (h1, h2, h3, …, h6) from the most important to less.
  • Responsive Layout on iPad, iPhone and Android.(Enable Or Disable Responsive)
  • 15 skins and 12 patterns ready.
  • Unlimited Sidebars. (Add sidebars by posttype, Individual Sidebars For Each Page / Post, support shortcode)
  • Unlimited Slideshows. (Add slideshows by posttype, use for each page / post, support shortcode)
  • Ajax portfolios support.
  • Reorder portfolio items support.
  • Local HTML5 Video/Audio Support.
  • Custom Logo by image uploader.
  • Shortcodes generator
  • Custom Homepage support.
  • Custom css support by admin panel.
  • Theme theme update notifier support. (Default is disabled.)
  • Easy Install with a Step by Step Guide (Automatic create home, portfolio, blog, contact pages, and set options.)
  • Various Homepage Modules (All Modules Support Shortcode, it’s easy to customize.)
    • Slogan Modules (Support: on/off, shortcode)
    • Ajax Portfolio (Support: on/off, shortcode, disable ajax, sortable, 2/3/4 columns, set show posts, display special categories.)
    • Portfolio With Description (Support: on/off, shortcode, set showposts, display special categories.)
    • Portfolio By Slide (Support: on/off, shortcode, set showposts, display special categories.)
    • Blog With Description (Support: on/off, shortcode, set showposts, display special categories.)
    • Blog By Slide (Support: on/off, shortcode, set showposts, display special categories.)
  • Portfolio Post Type
    • Post formats: Youtube & Vimeo & local Video(Mp4, Ogv, Webm), images, Slideshow Support.
    • Layout Support: Sortable, Non Sortable, Sortable and Pagination
    • Columns: 2/3/4. (Set it in the admin panel.)
    • Posts Per Page.
    • Enable or disable title.
    • Enable or disable skills.
    • Enable or disable comments
    • Enable or disable related posts
  • Blog Posts: (Post Formats With Image, Slideshow, Youtube & Vimeo & local Video(Mp4, Ogv, Webm), Audio, Quote, Link Support.)
  • Pages: left sidebar, right sidebar, fullwidth, contact, archives page.
  • Collapsable / Removable Footer Widget Area, column 1/2/3/4 support.
  • Localizable with .po .mo translation files included.(Includes: de_DE, en_US, es_ES, fr_FR, gl_ES, it_IT, ko_KR, lt_LT, nl_NL, pt_BR, ru_RU. )
  • Shortcodes support: Buttons, Icon Box, Tab, Toggle, Accordion, Boxes, Gallery, Map, Column.
  • Widgets support: Popular/Latest/Random Blog Posts, Popular/Latest/Random Projects, Twitter Feed, Flickr Feed, Custom Comments, socia medias.
  • AJAX /PHP contact form.
  • Fancybox. (jQuery Lightbox clone)
  • Support add custom css.
  • Html5 & CSS3.
  • Google Analytics & Google Maps.
  • Crossbrowser compatible.
  • And More…

Latest Version Alert: Version 2.3 (Jul 02, 2014)

Fixed the shortcode button issue on editor.



Added ajax support for toggle.
Added responsive video support.



Updated twitter api to v1.1.


Improved the lavalamp issue.


Improved twitter feed.
Improved flickr feed.

edited: style.css
edited: assets/css/widget.css
edited: functions.php
edited: php/footer.php
edited: functions/plugins/flickr.php
edited: functions/plugins/tweets.php
edited: functions/plugins/footer-tweets.php
edited: functions/widgets/widget-flickr.php
edited: functions/widgets/widget-tweets.php

Fixed the li list on blog list.
Fixed a responsiveness issue.
Fixed the twitter API's issue.
Added recaptcha option for the contact form.
Improved the contact from to disable spam.

edited: assets/css/responsive.css
edited: style.css
edited: functions.php
edited: functions/themes.php
edited: functions/theme-config.php
edited: functions/settings/theme-settings.php
edited: functions/plugins/contact.php
edited: functions/plugins/tweets.php
edited: functions/plugins/footer-tweets.php
edited: template-contact.php
added: functions/plugins/recaptchalib.php

Fixed the issue in theme.php.
Fixed the contact form issue. 
Improved the socia media widgets.

Added email to the top socia medias.
Fixed some responsive issues. 
Fixed the wp caption of image issue.

Fixed twitter link format issue.
Fixed the showposts issue of custom sidebars.
Fixed the wp caption shortcode issue.

Added linkedIn button.
Added font optionals for body, menu, h1...h6, slogan.
Added the lavalamp for top menu.
Fixed Html5 video and audio issue in Firefox.
Fixed the ajax portfolio close button issue in IE7.
Fixed video poster image uploader issue in blog.

Improved top socia medias.
Added theme update notifier.
Added google fonts api optional.

Added shortcodes generator. 
Added socia medias widget. 
Added custom css option. 
Improved custom homepage. 
Fixed responsive css issue for ajax portfolio. 
Fixed footer twitter cache time issue. 
Fixed the tabs shortcode repeat titles issue. 

Improved the ajax portfolio.
Improved the top socia medias.
Fixed some shortcode issues.
Improved the theme options UI.