Crema is a video ready, multifunctional and rich featured template. The widgetized mainpage let’s you populate the frontpage however you like. Use our custom widgets to create a video, blog or business page!

Video Slider:
An incredible Video content slider let’s you present your videos with style. Create everything in the backend – no coding required, simply put the link to the video in the appropriate field

Nivo Slider
the famous slider of all sliders in included

In Post Slider
Create a slider within a post – no code required: we created a special post options panel that shows up underneath each post where you can create the slides.

SEO Options Panel
In every post you create you can add custom SEO information. Now that’s a feature, isn’t it!

Video Integration
Video gallery included! Its as simple (or even simpler) as creating a blog post. All from the backend. No coding required! PLUS Rating system for each video PLUS Comment system for each video PLUS Related videos. Next to each video you’ll find more related videos.

Three amazing widgets to show off your video gallery!
If you install the shipped plugins, you can include videos from over 30 different video sites! Don’t worry about the hassle of searching for the embed code. Simply copy & paste the URL to the video!

Self hosted videos are allowed and possible!
Supports wordpress tags – and shows a neat tag cloud beneath every video!

Portfolio Page
Show of products or a website portfolio with this incredible feature.

Create beautifull galleries to show off your images

Widgetized (Main)page
Our previous clients love this feature: Populate the mainpage by just dragging and dropping widgets in the mainpage widget area!

We deliver 8 custom widgets that make it possible for you to create your own page!
Don’t be limited by one widgetized page. Create as many as you want!

Unlimited Sidebars
Create as many custom sidebars as you want! All through the backend menu – no coding required. With our sidebar widget, you have full control over the sidebars. Split the frontpage into two widget sections and populate them easily with widgets. Use them for widgetized pages, just like the main page!

Shortcodes (including gallery shortcodes)
Our shortcodes make it easy to stand out! The custom code snippets let you create some nice layout details with a short line of code! And the best: We bring you buttons in the html editor and some in the WYSIWYG that automatically create the code for the shortcodes and paste them into the textfield.

Unlimited custom shortcodes
We created a system that allows you to create your own shortcodes No coding required! Ideal for ad-shortcodes or recurring text elements!

Custom Premium Widgets for Mainpage and Sidebars
We created a variety of incredible useful widgets for you to choose from. Take a look at the preview to see what Crema has to offer! The widgets are waiting for you in the widget area of the wordpress backend.

Display Sidebar Left or Right or hide it
If you hide it, the post will take the full side width! Perfect if you need more space to advertise your products!

PSDs included
We include our Photoshop documents so you can edit every single piece of the layout or simply learn “how we did it”

Extensive Help File
The help file comes as a standalone html and built in into your wordpress backend! Never worry about getting help if you don’t work from your PC!

What is better than a moving picture when it comes to learn something? We created some quick videocasts to show you how to setup and get started with Crema.

Clean, Professional and documented php code (phpDoc standard)