• 02.25.13 – Added sorting functionality for quick portfolio wizard.
  • 02.25.13 – Fixed quick portfolio slides to be more viewable on small screens.
  • 02.18.13 – Added: “My Portfolio” section in dashboard for customizing detailed portfolio.
  • 02.16.13 – Added: instagram feed shortcode. See section 6 SHORTCODES in the documentation to set it up.
  • 02.14.13 – Fixed: menu usability issues for mobile devices.
  • 02.14.13 – Added: Pinterest link for posts.
  • 02.12.13 – Fixed: bug with homepage settings. Deleted front-page.php
  • 02.12.13 – Added: extra portfolio version using posts.
  • 02.12.13 – Added: fullscreen video page functionality.
  • 02.12.13 – Added: vimeo, youtube, and tumblr icons to .social-icons class in style.css.
  • 02.08.13 – Fixed: default Page was calling password protected page.
  • 02.08.13 – Fixed: changed portfolio slides to show collapsed view by default instead of full width.


Cubrik is a multi-purpose responsive WordPress Template. Features include: portfolio gallery, lightbox gallery; fullscreen portfolio slider; unique product customization order wizard with PayPal ecommerce integration; HTML 5 audio and video integration; ajax enabled blog; shortcodes for contact form, google map, email subscription form and twitter feed; and extra HTML code for your customization needs such as accordion, tabbing, pricing tables, buttons and more.


This theme comes with built in sample pages which you can customize.

  • Portfolio
  • Order page for your product or service
  • Gallery
  • About page
  • Blog postings (add audio, video and/or image slider)
  • Extra page for more HTML code for accordion, tabs, pricing table, testimonials, buttons, lightbox gallery

You can also easily customize your branding (color, logo, etc.) in a pre-built customization page.