Exact is a clean WordPress theme that is highly customised – you can specify your own custom header and custom background – or simply use one of the images provided.  The theme also supports custom menus and sidebar widgets.

The image displayed for each post is set by specifying a “featured image”.  Edit the post in question, and then select an image under where it says “Featured image”.  This image will automatically be created as the correct dimensions – however if you want to make it the right dimensions before uploading it, then they are 240 pixels by 240 pixels.  Once you’ve selected a featured image, save the post, and the image will appear on the website.

The theme has been extensively tested in a variety of browsers, and is all valid XHTML.

This theme is totally free to use – for personal sites, paid sites, commercial use etc – the header and background images supplied are adapted from photos originally taken by myself – so there are no copyright issues.  You can modify both the theme and images however you want.

For your references:

  • Header images are 966px wide by 140px high
  • Featured images are 240px wide by 240px high
  • Background images can be any size
  • The overall width of the content area for each page/post is 666px.

The theme supports

  • Sidebar Widget – so you can customise your sidebar
  • Custom Header Menu – so you can add custom menu options at the top of the page
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Custom Header Image