Fleurdelis is the clean and modern theme best suited for newspaper or magazine websites. Fleurdelis offer a clean frontpage template with 13 widget areas (yeah, 13 widget areas only for the frontpage, 24 in total for the entire theme) with differents sizes and positions. This, combinated with the 9 custom widgets, make a frontpage fully personalizable with a lot of combinations and posibilities.

Update 16/09/2012:

– Fixed some problems with the WordPress admin bar.

Some of the Fleurdelis features are:

Vinculate video for posts

You can vinculate a Vimeo or Youtube video to show in the place of the featured image. You only have to insert the video url in the textbox of the “vincultae video” box in the post editor.

Interviews custom post type

In Fleurdelis you have a new type of post named Interview. This post is used to create interviews where can be showed a list of question and answers using the custom shortcodes created for this. You dont have to type the shortcodes if you dont want, you can select the question or answer in the text and click in the custom question and answer buttons in the post editor.

Multiple Category / Tag Templates

You have 4 templates to use in category pages or tag pages. In theme options you can select what template should be used with every category or tag.

Multiple Post Templates

Fleurdelis come with 9 templates for single posts. You can set the template easily in the post editor selecting the template in the list of available templates that appear in the “select single post template” box. In theme options you can set the default template that the posts without this option configured should use, also, you can configure the elements that can be showed in the template like the author, date, image, size of the featured image (or images), etc.

You have 7 templates for use with regular posts (version 1, version 2, version 3, version 4, version 5, fullwidth, fullwidth 3 columns) and 2 for posts that you want to show like galleries (gallery, gallery2). To create a gallery you only have to attach images to a post and select a gallery template.


Multiple featured images for posts

Using Fleurdelis in your post editor will appear 2 more slots for featured images. The post templates and widgets creates a slider of images if you set more than one featured image in the post editor. In theme options you can set the size of this images.

WordPress 3.0+ Menus

In Fleurdelis Theme you have 3 menu areas ( Top Minimenu, Top MainMenu and Bottom MiniMenu ) + a special menu area for header. In theme options you can active the header menu area and select a menu to be showed under the logo.

You can personalize easily your menus with the Appearance Menus SubPanel added in WordPress 3.0+, See the Wordpress Documentation


  • Come in Spanish and English and ready for translate it.
  • 24 Widget areas
  • 9 Single post templates
  • 5 category / tag templates
  • 10 custom widgets
  • 5 page templates
  • Styles system! you can create (or modify an existing one) and select your custom style CSS sheet for use with the theme
  • Custom favicon upload
  • Custom background image upload
  • Custom Logo image upload
  • Custom CSS option
  • Responsive design
  • WordPress 3.4+ Ready
  • Powerful and Easy theme options
  • and much more!