Freshr has been carefully programmed with over 100 backend options designed to let YOU control every aspect. Make it yours! You can either set a background color (color picker) or upload a background for every square inch of the theme. You also control link, button, tag, & navigation colors just to name a few.

This is a super modern WordPress theme packed full of responsive shortcodes that enable you to speed up development time and get fresh looks quick. With an astounding 197 shortcodes you can literally show up the competition with your genius website skillz.

Creating fully working pages, that look awesome, now takes only a couple of minutes. Its hard to tell you how flexible this theme really is but when you’re checking out the demo pay attention to the options panel found on the left. In there you can find some really cool demos we cooked up that showcase some of the ways you can manipulate this theme to fit your specific needs.

Our goal in developing this stunning piece of work was to make a theme that could simply do everything. 99% of themes are designed to complete one, two or maybe even three specific tasks really well. With Freshr you get a theme designed to be versatile enough to service hundreds of different types of organizations, businesses or even personal sites.

When you dig into Freshr you quickly realize that your limitations are strictly in your head. If you can think it you can do it. This is not a dark/light or a blue/green/red/purple/orange skin switching template. In fact Freshr has only one default skin (elegant & minimalistic) and from there you modify all colors, & backgrounds from the Option Tree admin panel. If you want a grunge style site – it’s yours. Your links can be purple haze if that what fits your style. With this type of unlimited colors and background set up you can do anything you want with your design.

We didn’t cut any corners in production. We installed this theme with the most popular responsive slider to date. Say hello to the slider revolution. A slider in a class of its own. It’s bundled in the theme but costs 15 dollars if you wanted to purchase it separately.

Have you seen that super sweet menu yet? The Freshr menu can either be a mega menu or a wp menu (works off wp custom menus). The choice is yours. When it came to the menu we decided that two menu options is way better than one.

There is truly a feeling of freedom you feel when working in Freshr. Let me just tell you that its pretty exciting. Freshr is inspired by nature and powered by imagination! We like to say that fulfilling your digital destiny has never been freshr!

Page Types

  • Page (Right Sidebar)
  • Page (Left Sidebar)
  • Full Width Page
  • Portfolio (2 Column)
  • Portfolio (3 Column)
  • Portfolio (4 Column)
  • Blog (Large Images)
  • Blog (Small Images)


  • Columns
  • Icons
  • Images
  • Buttons

Custom Widgets

  • Category Posts (Large Images)
  • Category Posts (Small Images)
  • Social Networking

Plugins Used

  • Option Tree
  • Contact Form 7
  • Reveal IDs