A True Premium Theme

ThemePunch has dedicated a lot of time and ressources to create a new kind of WordPress Theme that is highly creative, unique, technologically advanced, yet still highly customizable and easy to use by beginners and developers alike.

We highly suggest that you take a look at all the features this product has to offer, including all different previews so you can grasp the full potential of GoodWeb. We are very proud of this product and are anxious to see what sites you will build using it!

Sincerely, your Team @ Themepunch

Why buy GoodWeb?

Dark & Light Skins

GoodWeb comes with 2 premade skins (light & dark) to suit your personal taste. Furthermore you can easily switch the themes highlight color with a color picker in our theme options. We prepared 4 individual previews to showcase the possibilities of GoodWeb. We hope that this will give you a creative impulse to create your own awesome website!

One-Pager & Multi-Pager

GoodWeb has the ability to show multiple pages / modules on one page, essentially forming a “one-pager”. The menu icon in the top-left will always show the page you have currently scrolled to. By clicking the icon and opening the menu, you can also directly jump to a specific point on the page.

You can also use GoodWeb like any regular WordPress theme with separate single pages that can be reached via the left main navigation. This flexibility makes GoodWeb a true multipurpose theme that is suitable for creative sites, classic businesses and anything else you can think of.

Visual Content Builder

Our visual content builder based on the Frontend Builder – WordPress Content Assembler allows for content editing in a live view! Changing a text or adding an element will directly be visible, as seen on the final page, in the editor window. We created videos for each builder elements to show you the ease of adding new content or modifiying your existing content: Builder Elements

2-layer Fullscreen Slider

Our custom build slider admin system allows you to create slides with up to 2 image layers each and include those slides to any number of sliders. A slider can be shown on top of a one-pager as well as on single pages or posts. Of course the fullscreen slider is optional and you can also use regular background images / tiles or background colors.

Timeline Style Blog

Our timeline style blog provides a modern and readable way of presenting your post content. Its possible to chose from a variety of different layouts with or without excerpts, images and media.

The “load more” button allows for showing your whole blog depending on your personal preference!

Real Filterable Portfolio

Our custom made filterable portfolio has 2 – 6 grid layout options with selectable item heights. You can optionally have lightbox & detail page links on each item. The portfolio can also easily be used as a pure gallery.

The real kicker is the fact that the filtering works throughout all pages of your whole portfolio and not just per page!

PunchBox Lightbox

PunchBox is a custom lightbox plugin build specifically to suit the style of the Goodweb theme. It can show images / videos and has an inbuild slidershow functionality!

Crisp Retina Icons

GoodWeb includes hundreds of crisp retina icons which can be used in content as well as menus. There is a visual list from which you can comfortably select icons!

Full Feature List

  • Compatible with latest WordPress version
  • One- & Multi-Pager
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Unlimited Portfolio’s
  • Build with Reponsive Bootstrap Grid
  • Frontend Builder – WordPress Content Assembler
    • Tabs
    • Accordions
    • Services
    • Team Members
    • Price Tables
    • Progress Bars
    • Videos
    • Buttons
    • Slider Revolution
    • Widgets
    • Shortcodes
  • WordPress Customizer
    • Dark & Light Style Switcher
    • Highlight Color Picker
    • Google Font URL’s
    • Default Background Images / Tiles
    • Default Values for Blog / Portfolio Layout’s
    • Custom CSS box
  • 2-Layer Fullscreen Slider
  • Timeline Style Blog
  • PunchBox Custom Lightbox Plugin
  • 100?s of Retina Icons included
  • Real Filterable Portfolio (Filters through Pages)