Hybrid – Next-Level WordPress Theme

The Hybrid theme is more than just a theme, it’s a combination of state-of-the-art features and techniques, bringing the experience to a whole new level through wonderful new synergies.

Modern Development

  • Fully Retina
  • Responsive Layout & Responsive Images
  • Hybrid Images: delivers low quality images for slow-bandwidth users, and up to extra high resolution images for high-pixel-density displays.
  • Font Vector Icons: 1000+ of available state-of-the-art icons, with an exclusive system to manage and use your icons at any time, right within the WordPress Editor!
  • Easy Columns: Exclusive Custom-Made TinyMCE Plugin to manage columns and rows like never before, shortcodes are now past history!
  • Simple Custom Post Type to manage your Projects, with easy inclusion on the landing-page offering a nice Ajax system, while still being totally accessible for no-js users and is fully SEO friendly!
  • Google Analytics Custom Events: Track each section of the landing-page independently with nice custom events appearing in your Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Amazing Page-Load Speed Performance: Benefiting from the Spark Framework, the Spark Static Server and the Spark Speed Mode altogether which will bring your Google PageSpeed Score above 90 – guaranteed.
  • Did I mention the Extensive Yet Simple Backend? And the Visual Editor which is for once Truly Visual! Don’t take my word for it, check out my other items and comments ;)

Truly Responsive

Hybrid Responsive & Retina One-Page WordPress Theme: Mobile Preview (Responsive) - iPhone

Google Analytics Custom Events

Hybrid Responsive & Retina One-Page WordPress Theme: Google Analytics Custom Events for the Landing-Page Sections

Amazingly Powerful Yet Simple Backend

Hybrid Responsive & Retina One-Page WordPress Theme: Custom Typography Fonts Settings