Iridium is a WordPress theme to be used as a landing page for mobile apps. The homepage of the theme is built in such a fashion to showcase an iPhone app and its features, screenshot etc.Iridium comes with features like custom menu, featured thumbnails, custom header, theme option panel, etc.

The theme uses the WordPress custom header feature to set customizable header images.


App options

A set of options to configure the app featuring section on the homepage.

1. App screenshot

There will be an iPhone featuring on the homepage header. You will be able to set an image as the screen of this iphone. You can select an image and it will crop and resize to fit the iPhone screen image.

2. App details title

To the right of the iPhone you have a section to post the details about this app. Enter a title for your app introduction here.

3. App details

A more detailed paragraph about the app you are promoting can go here.

4. App store link.

Below the app details resides a yellow button that leads to the App store for app purchase. Please enter the App store link to your particular app.

Homepage options

This set of options lets you customize the homepage section.

1. Number of posts on homepage

Homepage displays a selected number of posts from your blog. You can set the number of posts to be displayed from here.

2. Twitter Id

There is a twitter widget on the homepage. You can set the twitter id from here.

3. Testimonial

This is for a testimonial section on the homepage. You can enter a testimonial message and the name of the person through this option.