Availible in beautifull dark-grey/blue-ish and clean white – Jumpstreet is a perfect fit for the creative agency, freelancer, small business owner or any business in genera for that matter.

Jumpstreet features a bunch of kick-ass features wich allow you to put yourself or your ageny/business out there in a really awesome way, lookin’ good and turning heads:

Adaptive design – tired of zooming in and out when viewing your website on a mobile device? Jumpstreet is built to be ‘adaptive’, wich means that it adapts to the device being used! No more zooming with layouts that adapt to desktop, tablet and mobile (including landscape mobile). Check i tour for yourself and resize this badbay .. pretty cool right?

Full-width slider – the homepage features a sweet looking full-width slider! You choose what content to feature in your slider. You can choose to have portfolio items, featured portfolio items or up to 5 custom slides in your homepage slider. Don’t want none of that full-width action? Choose to center the slider .. its as simple as that!

Flexible homepage – Jumpstreet features a very flexible homepage. Does this mean it can stretch or something? No, it means you can enable/disable most of the sections you see on the homepage. The standard homepage features the following sections that can be enabled/disabled: meta-message, slider, about area, portfolio area, blog area, testimonials area and idgetized area.

All of these can be enabled/disabled through the theme options. So if you would only like to display a slider with a bunch of information about you or your agency/business: simply turn the rest off! This way you can create a wide variety of custom homepages .. the sky is the limit!

Custom portfolio posttype – want to show of your creativity? Do so in a creative and attractive way with the built in custom portfolio posttype! Display you work on the front-end by choosing from up to 5 different display layouts. On the back-end portfolios can be sorted with a nice drag-n-drop system!

Post formats – whats a theme like this without a nice looking blog? You know the awnser. Thats why a beautifull blog was built in! Choose to display your blog either full-width or width a sidebar (left/right) for that extra info! Supported post formats are: standard, image, gallery, audio and video.

Styles drop-down menu – out with shortcodes and in with the styles drop-down menu! See directly how your posts get styled in the Tiny MCE Editor. No more messing around with complicated shortcodes and all the madness that comes a long with it. The styles drop-down menu supports: buttons, toggles, pull-quotes, alerts, columns, v- and x-lists and text-highlighting.

So what are you getting exactly when you purchase Jumpstreet? Here’s a couple of awesome features you get to go nuts with when you buy Jumpstreet:

  • Awesome design!
  • WordPress 3.4+ ready (including menu’s, featured images and post-formats that are supported since WordPress 3.1)
  • Adaptive design (desktop, tablet, mobile and mobile landscape)
  • Full width slider
  • Flexible homepage (you’re the boss of your own homepage)
  • Custom theme options (customize Jumpstreet to your liking
  • Filterable portfolio on the front-end
  • Sortable portfolio on the back-end
  • Up to 5 layouts for single portfolio pages
  • Custom fonts (Google webfonts)
  • Custom accent colors (easily add your own touch!)
  • Full localisation support (.po/.mo files are included)
  • Bunch of custom page templates (archives, contact, and full-width, homepage and portfolio)
  • Layered PSD files (for customisation purposes)
  • Well documented (so you won’t miss a thing)
  • Much more..

Update v1.05: August 22, 2012

  • Fixed issue with saving portfolio items
  • Removed drop-shadow on #meta-message