About Kolor WordPress Theme

Kolor theme is a responsive business and portfolio wordpress theme designed with the latest web standards (HTML5 and CSS3 ) and designed to work with any device, it fits perfectly on three types of devices:

  • Smartphones (normal & landscape)
  • Tables
  • Normal Screens

Note: Kolor is fully compatible with WordPress 3.5!

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2012

Kolor v1.7 is now available!


Kolor v1.7 – Changelog

[Added] Blank page with sidebar (template)
[Added] Custom posts select query for blog page and homepage. You are able now to create blog page showing posts only from a specific category.
[Added] You can now include custom CSS styles from Kolor theme framework, even you can include CSS styles via URL.
[Added] You can now upload custom icon to Features Tabs. Sample PSD Tempaltes included!
[Fixed] Comments and author info are now showing right below the blog post (single-post)


Kolor v1.6 – Changelog

[Added] Likes & Views for Gallery items
[Added] Feature to create portfolio pages with single category
[Added] Dynamic thumbnail sizes without use of 'add_image_size' function. Only needed images will bre reszied
[Added] You can now include a Content block (with text) on your homepage or Sortable blocks area
[Added] Features tabs circles now are clickable (can contain href links)
[Fixed] Auto paragraph for page.php
[Fixed] Blog authors logarithm changed to count only authors that have posts
[Fixed] Page head captions not hidden when checkbox for visibility is unchecked
[Fixed] Features tabs images not displayed on certain pages.
[Fixed] WideSlider height issues on smaller device screens
[Fixed] Multiple layout bugs fixed
[Fixed] WideSlider autoswitch didn't worked


Kolor v1.5 – Changelog

[Added] WPML Ready - Now this theme is fully compatible for WPML multilingual site!
[Added] Kolor is now "Retina Ready" theme with high resolution images optimized for mobile devices for better image quality (enable or disable via Theme Options)
[Added] Infinite scrolling feature added for portfolio and gallery page
[Added] You can now connect/link sliders (AsyncSlider, Roundabout and Wide Slider) width posts
[Added] Feature to browse posts by Author (when clicking author name)
[Added] You can now disable featured image for blog articles (via Theme Options)
[Added] Feature to change sidebar color - Dark or Light (Available on Kolor Theme Options)
[Added] Ability to set default blog columns template - One or Two Columns (Available on Kolor Theme Options)
[Added] Author info for blog post (enable/disable via Theme Options)
[Added] Share buttons for blog post [Facebook, Twitter, Google+] buttons (via Theme Options)
[Added] Hide map on contact page (enable/disable via Theme Options)
[Added] Portfolio image can be at any height
[Added] Change the height of Wide Slider 

[Fixed] Fonts not displayed as they are listed on Theme Options
[Fixed] Comments avatar display the same for all comments
[Fixed] Map on contact page not displayed correctly on firefox browsers
[Fixed] Pagehead Captions not displayed correctly
[Fixed] Pagination not working (not changing the page) on blog page
[Fixed] Wide Slider when disabled, it started autoswitching on mouse-out
[Fixed] Blog Columns 2 page fixed issues with colors and unwanted borders
[Fixed] Blurring images showing on Portfolio & Gallery pages.
[Fixed] Word breaking for long words/titles/content/comments


Hundreds of Theme Options

This theme has a lot of options that we can’t describe all of them, but here are some of the main theme features and options:

  • 3 Types of Sliders (Wide Slider, AsyncSlider and RoundAbout Slider)
  • Super fast JavaScript animations using GreenSock Animation Platform
  • Font-selector – 5 types of fonts supported
  • Blog (1 and 2 columns)
  • Portfolio (2,3 and 4 columns)
  • Gallery with Albums (2,3 columns)
  • Contact form, map, and testimonials
  • In-page Options for Home & other pages (such as sections order changing by Drag & Drop)
  • 6 Widgets
  • 9 Shortcodes
  • SEO Friendly


You Get Extra

Kolor Responsive HTML Files

.PSD layout files (9 psds)

Sample Skin/Color Scheme – Pink

Sample Elements Page with Shortcodes