Music WordPress Theme for music producers, djs and label owners. The perfect solution for any music based business.

Featuring a powerful music player in every page and automatic content importer!


Specifically developed on the real needs of label owners and music producersand is the perfect tool to transform WordPress into the website for any music label or producer.

Please, take your time and explore all the amazing features that you’ll have with “LabelPro”.

Designed for the music business:

  • Powerful audio player with playlist Discover more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Continuous play across pages and between playlist
  • Custom post types: ReleaseArtistPodcast with AMAZING FEATURES
  • Super easy to use and populate! (No skills needed)
  • EXCLUSIVE: Mixcloud podcasts auto importer!
  • Exclusive templates for any post type
  • Filterable animated podcasts archive
  • Auto embedding player for Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Youtube
  • Social Networks ready to increase your popularity

MP3 player with playlist in any page

Totally customizable:

  • Powerful setup page with QantumPro Admin Panel
  • 24 Dark and Light Skins ready for any brand colour scheme
  • 4 Color Pickers to fast-customization
  • Custom Background Image uploader
  • Jquery Fulscreen Background option
  • Logo uploader up to 940 px width
  • Custom CSS input: customize it as fast as the light!
  • Custom FAVICON uploader

Customizable home page

  • 4 Customizable Modules
  • Amazing new releases carousel
  • Totally customizable
  • 3 sidebars module to widgetize your home

Cutting Edge design

  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap framework (HTML5 + CSS3)
  • Totally Responsive and well-looking on any device
  • Responsive slider with auto switch from NIVO to Bootstrap
  • Cross Browser from IE7 to Chrome and mobile browsers
  • 5 Custom post-type templates to highlight any detail
  • Amazing Animations made with  jquery and CSS3
  • Auto lightbox images zoom
  • Widgetizable footer

Font Face integration

  • Stop limiting your font choice between a few bounce of fonts!
  • Create free your font-face and just upload it to activate!
  • Choose between over 800 fonts!

Social Networks Ready

  • ULTRA CUSTOMIZABLE Facebook Fanbox Widget
  • ULTRA CUSTOMIZABLE Twitter Feeds Widget
  • Easily add LikeTweet and +1 Buttons
  • Optional automatic embedding of Facebook SDK
  • Auto embedding of Google+ script
  • Over 24 Social Icons in header and Artist’s pages

 Stuff for nerds

  • Tidy and well commented source code, easy to scale and customize
  • WP admin bar visibility switch
  • Google Analytics ready
  • Developed with SEO in mind

Music WordPress Theme: Built around the music

The music in the center of this Music WordPress Theme. That’s why is definitly a “music wordpress theme”. We started developing from your needs: let the people hear your music! In this music wordpress theme there are different specific post types dedicated to the music: releases, where you can put unlimited tracks with mp3 preview, artists, directly linked to releases, and podcasts, with a super easy way to add podcasts from Mixcloud and Soundcloud. We wanted you to be free to put your music in your website as easy as 1 2 3! That’s why we gave you the possibility to import music directly from Beatport and Mixcloud! Just insert the ID of your release or podcast ans… BAAAM, the new page is created, the new music is imported with any tag or image! WordPress is the best CMD to do the best perfect music wordpress theme and we wanted to do it for you. If you run your own label or either you are a producer or dj, you will be able without any programming skill to put your music on your website without uploading huge files or bothering with old copy and paste of embed codes!

Versions Changelog

v. 1.2.5 * fixed a bug born in v. 1.2.3 ar result of post type “release” bug fix

v. 1.2.3

  • fixed minor bug: delete background on QantumPro Admin Panel (replaced != with ==)
  • changed the name of jquery.cookie.js in frontend and backend because of some servers restrictions

v. 1.2.2 stable

  • added if(is_object($term)){ to loop-archivepodcast.php and loop-archiverelease.php to solve (Trying to get property of non-object in)
  • php warning fix in part-archivepodcast.php and part-archiverelease.php (added if(is_object($termfilter)){)
  • fixed custom taxonomy conflicts from genres and filters

v. 1.2.1

  • 2013 02 04 version changelog *

Minor changes

  • created alternative to file_get_contents with curl fot hosting not allowing it Qantumthemes Labelpro V.1.2
  • 2013 02 03 version changelog *
  • Added genre taxonomy to releases
  • Created new templates: taxonomy-genre.php and taxonomy-filter.php (used when clicking on custom taxonomies links at the bottom of those post types (release and podcast)

Bux fixes:

  • Fixed minor bug on adminindex, which causes php error in a very rare case in the backend when contrastant values are passed through admin panel
  • Added Facebook Like Language Selection in Facebook options

Disclaimer: every trademark in this page belong to the respective owner. This product is not in any way affiliate to Beatport, Mixcloud or Soundcloud. There are only some small functions based on the free API to make the work easier.