Local Business Pro Version Features

  • All the features of lite version + Advance functionality
  • Ready to use Slider Images
  • Multiple Color options
  • Facebook fan page Supported version.
  • Home Page Inbuilt Lead Capture System.
  • Gallery and Contact Us Page Template


What’s Included in Local Business WordPress Theme Package

  • Inbuilt Lead capture form at the top header section ( No extra Coding or plugin required)
  • Leads data will store directly into your WordPress dashboard as well as you will receive an email in your inbox. 
  • Single Click Theme Installation. It’s extremely easy to setup.
  • Lead form guard with anti spam check method. You will get a true list of your customer.
  • Responsive to all kind of Mobile & Tablet devices.
  • 20 Professional designed logo for different niches. (Both PSD and PNG format) You can edit as per your need.
  • 50 Professional Images to turn your website to any different niche.
  • You can easily put your contact detail on the top right corner of the page.
  • Mobile & Tablet device ready.
  • Builtin Tap to Call feature for mobile devices.
  • Fill your detail and your website is ready with social logo for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest on the upper right corner.
  • Ready Gallery Template, Blog template, Contact Page Template.
  • Extremely easy user interface and admin panel.
  • Embed your YouTube, Vimeo Video directly on your home page.
  • Footer area supports widgets so that you can place any image, Video, Text or any thing you like to have.

Why to choose the Local Business WordPress Theme ?

Few Years back, I used to run a local business for providing training services. I had a website, where I listed down all my services which I used to provide to the people.

The problem, I was facing at that time, was that lots of people used to visit my website on any particular day, they were interested in my services, but often time, I was not able to convert those visitors into potential leads and finally as my paying customers.

I was not able to find a effective way to capture those visitors details and convert them into my potential leads and customers.

After lots of trying various changes to my website, I made few changes which essentially skyrocket my leads conversion …

You might be eager to know yourself, what steps did I take. Although the steps below are very simple, but turns out lots of people just forget to implement them and lose lots of potential customers.

So, I am going to list down few things I did to my website which Skyrocket my Leads Conversions and can do for you as well.

Step 1:

We all know that (More Leads == More Business)

So, I placed a lead capture form on my website at the place, where it gets maximum exposure to my visitors. It was really a very effective decision and capturing the details of the visitors is the best decision I took for growing my local business.

When I had my visitors details, I was able to get in touch with them easily and turn them into my paying customers.

Step 2:

On my earlier websites, I saw that it was hard for the people to find my Contact Details. So, I made a decision and placed my contact detail on the top header. So now the visitors to my website can easily know my contact details and can get in touch with me easily.

Looks like a simple step to do, isn’t it. Believe it or not, since it seems like a simple step, lots of local business ignore it. Turns out it is one of the most effective things to do.

Step 3:

I listed all my services clearly on the front page of my site. So people can easily know what all services, I provide. They can read about them and if required they can learn more about those services.

To make them effective for Search Engines as well, I listed all my services with the H1 Headings, which is seen my Google and other search engines as most important.

Step 4:

I also placed a video on the home page, Which was relevant to my local business and does a important work of engaging users to my website.

Step 5:

Lots of the Visitors to my website were coming by using the Mobile Devices, So, I made sure my website looks great when opened from all kind of mobile or tablet devices.

By doing few key steps above, I was able to sky rocket my local business and turned my casual visitors into paying customers.

Thinking about all the things, I did with my own local business website. I thought it might be a good idea to launch it as a Complete WordPress Theme which effectively does all those things for you without any hassles. Also, I had made sure that it helps you a lot in Capturing the Leads and in turn increase your customer base.

This theme is suitable for all types of local businesses, I would really like to see your leads to grow manifold by using it.