Lotus Version 1.2 is here

Lotus is a powerful and flexible theme that comes with very rich tools and options to make creating website as simple as possible. For example one of its tools is Smart Page Builder. In short, this is an awesome drag & drop page building tool. By this tool you can create any page (for example home page) layout with very rich collection of web elements in a minute without writing html or touching even one line of code. In other words, you can quickly design unlimited unique looking pages in simple drag & drop visually.
You have control on every piece of your site by Advanced Admin Panel. For example you can customize color of almost any element, customize main and heading typography (Google fonts), create unlimited sidebars, set custom background for every page, select from 8 footer layouts, …

Lotus is architected from scratch through best web technologies (HTML5, CSS3) for achieving high quality, high performance and SEO ready website. All parts are Exclusively built for each other for achieving an integrated and high performance system.

Lotus is Responsive & Retina Ready. This means it will adapt to any screen size (Go ahead resize the browser) and looks wonderful on Retina-Displays (Tablets, iPhone, iPad, Mac & PC) with ultra-sharp graphics included. So your site always looks great and sharp on devices and desktop screens.

Lotus is a Real Multi-Purpose theme.
For example you can use it for Agency / Business / Personal / Showcase / Restaurant or CoffeeShop / and much more purposes. These are just few examples, so you can create any website you imagin by simple drag & drop and extensive options.

What our customers say about LOTUS

 OMG! I can imagine a huge amount of work put into this masterpiece! I think we’ve got here another top seller. And it will be a well deserved status, so good luck with it. The theme feels so robust it blown my hat off Excelent presentation too, congrats!


 Hi, Bought your theme. I am here to just say thanks. your business demo was exactly what i was looking for. This theme is far beyond what i was expecting from a wordpress theme! you know, using shortcodes was always a pain for me (sorry i’m noob in coding), but since i bought your theme i have so many fun with smart page builder good job averta. keep doing good work


 I’m very satisfied with my purchase, the template works excellent, and the documentation is very well written. The support is also swift and excellent. I want to recommend this template to all themeforest members, who are looking for a personal, business, or agency website.. and even to website designers like myself who might use it for their portfolio work etc.


 I just want to say how awesome this theme is and how great the support is! It’s rare on themeforest to find a designer/developer who listens to their customers, quickly adding and adjusting features to make it better. thanks for the great work!!


What Makes This Theme Special? Here They Are

Smart Page Builder (Exclusive) – Smart Page builder is a very rich tool with brilliant interface for building any page layout with simple drag & drop. You don’t need to touch one line of code for creating your page layout and elements. This tools save you lots of time on building and filling page contents. Learn More …

Advanced Admin Panel (Exclusive) – With our Exclusive admin panel, you have control on any piece of your website, you can customize and configure anything (colors, styles, typography, uploading site logo and favicon, ..) right from admin panel without touching one line of code. Learn More …

5 Awesome Sliders – We handpicked 5 top sliders all around the web. All are responsive and touch enabled, and of course with these sliders you have almost any type of slider (3d & 2d image effects, layer effects). You can use sliders everywhere, on top of pages, within contents or in sidebars. That’s your choice.

  1. 3D & 2D Cute Slider – 18$ value
  2. Layer Slider – 15$ value
  3. Revolution Slider – 15$ value
  4. Nivo Slider
  5. Flex Slider

Advanced Slider Manager (Exclusive) – One of our exclusive tools with brilliant interface that gives you the ability to add and manage slides in easiest way. Simply upload, sort, select effects and captions for slides and use everywhere on website. Learn More …

Fantastic Price Table Builder (Exclusive) – Can you imagine building a great looking price table in just simple clicks? We did that. With our Exclusive Price table Builder you can create different types of price tables with any number of columns & rows, with various styles in a minute! Learn More …

Unlimited Sidebars (Exclusive) – This theme comes with our exclusive tool named Sidebar Generator .With this powerful tool you can create any number of sidebars you need and assign them to any pages you want. Learn More …

9 Page Types (Exclusive) Lotus comes with 9 page types. So you can add almost any type of data to your website and also you have more control and manage on your website’s content. More page types gives you more features and more choices. Learn More …

  • Portfolio – The ultimate solution for presenting your portfolios. 12 different layouts for listing portfolios and 12 stunning styles for displaying single portfolio page! Do you know better than this?
  • Product – We believe that good presentation of products has a huge impact on sales. so we were looking for something unique and flexible for presenting any product (not traditional shops like thousands out there)in various styles. Finally, we decided to build ours. We introduced a new approach for presenting luxury products with our built-in product showcase that is not just restricted to eCommerce purposes.
    You have tons of option with our built-in product showcase to present your product in a clean and unique style.
    Some samples are worth a thousand words!
    check the examples and see how flexible it is.
    Car : sample page
    Shoe : sample page
    Food : sample page
  • News – Do you need to inform your clients for latest news and updates? This is what you need.
  • Services – Easy and Solid solution to add and manage all your services in one place. Then you can easily display them every where on your website.
  • F.A.Q – What about a filterable FAQ section? In this section you can easily add any number of FAQ, and let your clients find their answers fast and simple.
  • Staff – Do you need to introduce your staff or team in some way they deserve it?
  • Testimonial – Great solution for adding , managing and displaying your clients testimonials everywhere on your website.
  • Sliders – Our Exclusive and super easy slider managment tool. In this section you can create any number of sliders and manage them in super easy way. Then you can use them every where on your website.(top of page or in content)
  • Price Table – Do you need to compare plans or services on your website? do you need a price table? hate of working with shortcodes and html? We know its a pain for end users. So we Created a Fantastic Visaul Price Table Builder. Just design and style your price table by simple clicks. Add or remove rows, columns. Style each column, make columns bold, style them, .. in simple clicks! Do you know any thing better?

Responsive – This theme is responsive, which means it will adapt to any screen size (Go ahead resize the browser ). So your site always looks great on devices (mobile, tablets) and desktop screens.

Fluid Grid – This theme is not only designed for popular screens sizes. It will change the layout smoothly on breakpoints while resizing and also elements transform between breakpoints. This is a future proofapproach, so you don’t need to worry about new devices with new screen sizes.

Boxed and Full Layout – With this feature you have option to expand your web site to screen width or wrap site content in a box.

Unlimited Colors – You can change colors of almost every element of your website. Just select colors by built-in color picker and transform your website to unique looking one.

Super Easy Gallery – In this theme creating gallery is as simple as drag & drop! Just drag your images to media uploader, reorder images , select layout and you are done. demo page

8 Blog Post Formats – You can insert post in different formats. The formats are :

  1. Video (Youtube, VimeoSelf Hosted Video with custom HTML5 video player)
  2. Audio (Self Hosted Audio with custom HTML5 audio player (two skins). also Soundcloud music embed is supported)
  3. Image (with lightbox)
  4. Quote
  5. Aside (Similar to a Facebook note update)
  6. Gallery (displaying images as slider)
  7. Link
  8. Standard

Flexible Multilevel Drop-Down Menu (11 color options) – You will fall in love with this drop-down menu! First, you have 11 color options to change the colors and styles of this drop-down menu directly from admin panel. Also this menu will adapts to any screen size. for example it will transform to a collapsible accordion on mobile screen sizes or expands to new row in table screen sizes.

Custom Styles – You need more customization? Ok, you can add custom CSS directly from admin panel. It allows you to change theme look without editing core theme files. And what is important, custom CSS rules are stored in database and will be saved after theme update.

11 Advanced Custom Widgets – This theme comes with 11 custom widgets. You can also display them both on sidebar and footer. here they are :

  • Portfolios, Sidebar and Footer Widget
  • Recent Tweets, Sidebar and Footer Widget
  • Products, Sidebar and Footer Widget
  • Recent News, Sidebar and Footer Widget
  • Testimonials, Sidebar and Footer Widget
  • Recent Posts, Sidebar and Footer Widget
  • Contact Form, Sidebar and Footer Widget
  • Contact Info, Sidebar and Footer Widget
  • Cute Slider, Sidebar and Footer Widget
  • Layer Slider, Sidebar and Footer Widget
  • Revolution Slider, Sidebar and Footer Widget

Optimized, well-structured code – Lotus is architected from scratch through best web technologies for achieving maximum performance. All parts are built for each other for achieving an integrated and high performance system.

SEO Ready / Compatible with popular SEO plugins – Lotus is built with SEO in mind. So search engines quickly index your site content and your customers easily find you on web. Lotus is also compatible with popular SEO plugins (Yoast, All in one seo pack).

Translation Ready – This theme is ready to be translated. .PO file is Included so you can easily translate the theme to the language you need.
Included Translations with the theme:

  • Polish special thanks to mafaldinha


One Click Install – With this feature you can setup your website with the same content as demo site in just few simple clicks! Setup your new website with the right foot.

12 Portfolio Page Styles – You have option to display portfolio in different styles. For example in portfolio single page you have option to display the portfolio images as fade slider, sliding slider, 2d slider, serial images, fullwidth image, image on right, image on left , ..

9 Footer Layouts – You are not limited to one footer layout. In this theme you have option to select from 9 available footer layout directly from option panel (2-4 columns with different column width).

Retina Ready – Lotus also looks wonderful on Retina-Displays (Tablets, iPhone, iPad, Mac & PC). With ultra-sharp graphics included in, this Theme looks great on any device!

Touch Enabled – Touch navigation for touch devices. All sliders, carousels, filters are completely touch enabled. So users can easily navigate your site on any touch device.

Google Maps – Google maps is fully integrated in this theme. You can easily add google map everywhere on your website. For Example you can set location and map zoom level, add marker and caption for locations and also select the map type. all just by simple clicks.

Exclusive & Integrated – All parts are built for each other for achieving an integrated and high performance system. We are not assembler! We care about quality and performance. So, we made all tools such as Smart Page Builder, Extensive Option panel, Slider Manager, Price Table Builder, Sidebar Generator , … for achieving maximum compatibility & performance.

Video Support – You can easily add YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted videos to your site. You have many option to display videos , also you can choose video player skin while inserting video.

Google Fonts – You can change Main typography (font name & font color), Heading typography, callout typography, .. right from Advanced admin panel . Google fonts are integrated in theme, so you can easily change the font in simple clicks.

6 Products Page Styles – You have option to display products in different styles. For example in product single page you have option to display the product images as slider, serial images, fullwidth image, image on right, image on left , video , ..

Update Notifier – thanks to unisphere
You will be informed on your website dashboard when new version of theme is available

Extensive Documentation – We covered all parts from installation to inserting contents in details with screenshots in documentation.

Other Features

  • WordPress 3.5.1 Ready
  • Option to enable or disable responsiveness
  • Easy Custom Background & texture upload for each page
  • Easy Custom Background & texture upload for Title bars!
  • Self Hosted HTML5 Video Player (two skins)
  • Self Hosted HTML5 Audio Player (two skins)
  • Grid / List product view
  • Cross Browser – Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE8, IE9, IE10

Change Log

Version 1.2 (26.02.2013)

- Added html support in top header message
- Added a color option for customizing color of callout button
- Added a color option for customizing color of font icons
- Added import / export option to option panel
- Added more meta tags for product section
- Added video to portfolios as slider
- Added smart page builder to portfolio edit page
- Added option for changing project's link label and link
- Added feature to link services to single pages
- Fixed striping slashes from custom css output
- Fixed pricetable issue on 5 columns table


Version 1.11 (23.02.2013)

- Added Update notifier - thanks to unisphere
- Added feature to turn on/off responsiveness
- Fixed some bugs for carousel in small screens


Version 1.1 (21.02.2013)

- Added fields in option panel for defining view all buttons for blog and news element
- Added new google fonts and some improvements in loading google fonts
- Fixed blank gravatar image
- Fixed some bugs in IE
- Removed short open tag from php files (in some servers this in turned off)  
- Fixed issue on displaying portfolio items in five columns


Version 1.01 (20.02.2013)

- Updated  PO & MO file
- Fixed  logo visibility bug on firefox
- Added  Buy Now button for product page
- Added  translator for product meta labels added to option panel
- Added  Front page translated in polish.special thanks to mafaldinha


Version 1.0 (18.02.2013)

 Initial release