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Feedback From Buyers:

“I contacted PaperTelevision and Josh helped me out tremendously! Theme is awesome, and his customer service is great!”


“…very cool, very powerful. It’s a must own for me, no question.”



—naweedshams is a very powerful theme and Content Management System for WordPress for beginners and pros alike! Build a market-driven website that focuses on selling your idea or product with a proven design that stresses conversion rates, ROI, and a lot of “oohs and ahhs” due to the modern, app-like design. It’s easy to implement, and you’ll have your site up and running in no time.

The theme allows you to create an endless amount of pages, as well as a jQuery sub-menu that quickly and neatly organizes a lot of information in a small space. This keeps things sleek and compact, but also ensures that the user is centrally located on the page, rather than clicking endlessly and getting lost. The less clicks, the better, right?

Perhaps the most exciting part? is two sites in one! You can choose to display a huge image or map on your home page, or use the additional template to build a more traditional home page that showcases a video. In either case, this theme will sell your idea and/or product in style. The theme also includes equally-awesome templates for a Blog and Contact pages that include powerful social media software guaranteed to get people talking.

Finally, you’ll get a very sophisticated mapping software 100% free in the form of the Mapify.It plugin! This proprietary software implements fully-customized maps on your site (and we mean anywhere on your site, whether on a page, a blog entry, or your contact page). This type of mapping software has been developed after countless amounts of clients requested more control over Google Maps; since it didn’t exist, we built it ourselves!

Check out some of these advanced features of the theme:

Market-Driven design:

·Mapify.It isn’t just about maps, but is specifically designed with a rigorous set of standards that are proven to sell your product or idea. Mapify.It is designed by an award-winning design firm with over a decade of proven marketing and e-commerce experience, and uses the exact same standards used in custom sites costing well over $10k. Simply put, the Mapify.It theme will chart your way to conversion rates and higher sales.

·Two sites in one! Use the Find Out More page as a home page, or as a supplementary page full of information. Alternatively feature a huge photo or map on the primary Home Page template to grab attention fast! Both templates are designed to push Calls to Action, prompting users to click through, but providing the information in a sleek way if they choose to dig deeper.

·Drive sales through a defining message and strong call to action buttons. Users need to know exactly what you’re selling in an instant. Mapify.It covers all of the proven marketing methods to get users to click through: A strong intro message, a clearly labeled call to action, and intuitive, unobtrusive access to more information.

·Video Support! Nothing sells a product like a well produced video or commercial. We give you room to do just that.

·Custom Maps! Retailers, this is perfect for a store locator (though it does SO much more), and the mapping software comes bundled with the Theme at no additional cost. This is a one of a kind software developed by the author and is only featured with Mapify.It. The features are rather sophisticated, and go far beyond just simple maps: Create customized maps using your own images, while maintaining all of Google Map’s sweet pan and zoom features, or simply enhance Google Maps with custom pinpoint graphics, pop-up galleries, and more! Just check out the example to see the plugin in action.

jQuery Effects:

·Stand out from the crowd with ultra-slick, app-like effects in the form of custom pop-ups, momentum-based drag and drop action, and a jQuery menu system.

·jQuery menu system lets you create custom subpages within your site. This allows you to fit a lot of info in a small space, keeping the site clutter-free but supplying all crucial information about your product or idea.

·Ultra-slick maps that behave much like an iPhone app.


·The blog comes fully styled and implementation is automatic.

·Since organic marketing is such a huge part of getting the word out, it also comes pre-packaged withDisqus, an incredibly powerful social media sharing software.

·Facebook, Twitter, and social media sharing across all popular sites. Get everyone talking about your site!

Contact Form:

·The Contact Us page comes pre-styled with custom forms.

·Pre-designed to mesh with the popular Gravity Forms plugin (not included).

Custom Mapping Software, 100% unique to the Mapify.It Theme:

Mapify is a plugin for WordPress that implements fully-customized maps on your site. It enhances Google maps with custom pin-point graphics and pop-up galleries, but also allows ANY custom map image of your choosing, all while keeping the great zoom and pan effect of Google maps! Check out some of the features:

·Fully Customized Maps

Google maps is great, but severely limits how you can display a map on your site. Mapify.It breaks those barriers and allows you to use a map of your choosing, but maintains the ability to zoom, pan, and add locations. Mapify.It supports Jpegs, gifs, and PNG files, and even lets you specify the background color if using transparent images.

·Google Map Integration

Want to stick with Google maps but need more control? Mapify.It fully supports Google maps and address-specific pinpoints. You can toggle from a custom map to a Google map, while maintaining Mapify.It’s extra features: Custom tooltip content, photo/video galleries on each location, and even custom pinpoint graphics.

·Location-Based Information

Mapify.It allows you to add endless locations to your map. Better yet, it allows you to control what appears when a user hovers over the pinpoints. Photos, videos, and information displayed is 100% under your control. Just click around on the map found on for a preview, it’s all running on Mapify.It!

·Creating Maps is Easy!

The Mapify plugin seamlessly integrates with the WordPress Admin section, allowing you to add new maps and locations with a simple interface. Enter new locations by double clicking on the map, or by entering the exact address.

Just think of the possibilities:

· Store Locator

Perhaps the most common use of Mapify.It is as a store locator. Do you have a product that’s sold in shops across the country? Mapify.It is the perfect solution to list each location by address, with added features to really make your product excel.

· Have a product with a lot of features?

Sure, Mapify.It is ideal for maps, but how about a photo of your product that allows users to zoom in and view the detail, all while getting valuable info on the features? Car interiors, gadgets, interfaces… Mapify.It let’s your customer interact with your product in a cutting-edge virtual environment.

· Travel Log

Preserve your memories by placing pinpoints in the exact locations of your travels, and including a gallery of photos taken on the spot. It’s a perfect way to not only document your journey, but to share with friends and family online.

· Video Game Enthusiasts!

So you’re playing Diablo III and want to map your journey through hell. Upload Diablo’s world map via Mapify.It, and you can include location-based screengrabs, videos, and you’re own story as you chase down Diablo through the lands of Sanctuary. Now that’s something you can’t do with Google maps, amerite?

· Philanthropy Projects

Mark your progress as your non-profit company helps rebuild less fortunate communities around the world. Whether it’s helping a village in need, or green projects — showcase the people and progress behind your story at every location.

SEO and Social Media Integration

Mapify is super search engine savvy and went ahead and used proper (H1,H2,H3…)’s for titles which is currently good practice for search engine optimization. You can also specify custom urls for every post and page that you create…this is HUGE for SEO purposes and controlling your keywords. We’ve also implemented Facebook and Twitter, with extensive sharing capabilities.

Awesome Support!

-Mapify comes with extensive documentation, screengrabs, and a responsive support staff that’s ready to answer any questions. I also happen to be a nice guy who’s obsessed with making my people happy. Just check out my business website for Client testimonials:

Lots of Goodies:

-Free Photoshop files of each screen, nicely organized and easy to navigate

-Free custom map image to edit and create new maps!

Additional Features:

  • Fully operational Content Management System (CMS) for WordPress
  • Fixed Layout (2 columns)
  • 3 custom Widgets and endless Widget customization
  • Custom buttons using custom fonts
  • WordPress 3.3+ Compatibility (Tested up to WordPress 3.3.2)
  • Social Media Sharing in Footer for Twitter and Facebook
  • Google Analytics & Google Maps ready
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • Extensive documentation
  • Beautiful, Modern Typography and Custom fonts
  • Video Support for Blog and all Pages
  • Integrated custom maps for all pages and posts.
  • Lightboxes by Colorbox plugin
  • Cross browser compatible on all major browsers
  • All files are well documented and structured.
  • Easy to implement Menu system for main navigation and sub-menu
  • Beautiful Mapping capabilities and special effects
  • Google Maps customization: Add new locations and exciting features only found here.
  • Free Custom Map Photoshop File
  • Free layered Photoshop files
  • Disqus commenting plugin
  • Mapify Custom Mapping plugin
  • Ongoing support and upcoming features on their way!

Change Log:

Version 2.6 plugin :

-Fully supports WordPress v3.5.1 and its new gallery interface

-Optimized to be much more compatible in its method of handling images.

Version 2.1 Plugin:

-Fully supports WordPress v3.5

Version 2.0 Plugin:

-You can now toggle zoom functionality (perfect for those that prefer no zooming).

-You can now toggle Pop-up galleries by each location

-New feature allows you to set your default zoom level in Google Maps Mode!

Version 1.1:

Small tweak to fix issue with tooltip header spacing when displaying a map in a post.