What our beloved customers have to say

This is a pretty amazing, powerful theme. I got my site up in no time – the creator really gave a lot of thought to meaningful features! The theme is uncluttered and easy to use and the admin panel easy to understand. – Jufo8

MaS is..

Responsive. We have used a customized version of GetSkeleton to make the theme look beautiful indesktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Our enhanced Cufon script allows for crisp fonts for retina-ready devices. Icons also use Font Awesome, and are all vectors, which look great in any resolution.

MultilingualNo more need for any WPML plugins, or any other external PO editors! Plus, RTL is fully supported! Adding new languages to the theme is made easy through out language admin panel. Just choose a locale, then add it! Afterwards, new language fields will be added to widget titles, menus, page/post/portfolio/pagemedia content and theme options. There is also a translation editorprovided in the admin for changing static words found across the theme (e.g. read more button labels). Ours is a complete solution to all your multi-language needs.

CDN Offloading. We have taken it ourselves to lessen your bandwidth consumption and decrease your site’s loading time. A lot of the javascript and CSS files by the theme are offloaded to different reliable and fast CDN servers like Google, CDNjs and jsDelivr. These feature allows for faster serving of files because your most used scripts are delivered and cached by servers which are scattered across the world, enabling the closest server to do the hard work instead of your own server.

Includes Pro Server Tips. Even if the theme is well coded and the scripts are all clean and fast, your server usually serves as a huge speed bottleneck for your visitors. We have included a bunch of pro tips forserver optimization. These are tips which we ourselves use to speed up our websites. If you know to use a WordPress caching plugin and you think that’s enough.. that’s just the tip of the iceberg of optimization.

Easy Installation. Install and activate the theme from your admin, and notifications will show up on stuff which you still need to perform to successfully setup the theme. Documentation is also provided that contains detailed installation and setup instructions as well as frequently asked questions to help you on your way.

80+ Cufon Fonts. We have included a ton of Cufon fonts for you to choose from. The theme uses an enhanced Cufon script that allows foreign characters (e.g. non Latin characters), and displays high resolution fonts for retina-ready devices.

Infinite scrolling. In blog pages, portfolio pages, search and archives, just scroll down and the next entries will be loaded automatically for you. No need to switch pages.

Pagemedia. This is a new type of post in our themes. Basically, a pagemedia is your page’s header and it can be an image, image slider, or video. You can assign any of your pages with a pagemedia. This allows for a lot of flexibility in your layouts.

Shortcodes. We have a lot of beautiful shortcodes available for you to use. All the shortcodes available as listed in the demo site and this can be used as your manual on how to use them. Also, as an added bonus, all the shortcodes are flexible, you can add custom styling to each shortcode. Just add the style attribute and you can put in your additional css styles.

reCaptcha. Stop getting spam in your comments and contact forms. reCaptcha is integrated in the theme, visitors would need to fill out a distorted phrase first to continue submitting forms.