Moderna is responsive and clean WordPress theme which is suited for both professional business sites and creative personal portfolio. Moderna comes with two skins – boxed and stretched of which every has ten color styles. Boxed version comes with 15 patterns, to give you countless options in organizing and managing your contents. These and some other basic features of Moderna are listed below: 

Moderna Skins


  • Responsive Design
    Now you don’t need to worry anymore about how your page will look on smartphone or iPad, or smaller resolutions. Moderna is fully responsive, and we will show you how to use it’s responsive features in the following sections.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 
    Enhance your online experience with CSS3 amazing effects and development process with new HTML5 semantics.
  • Vimeo, Youtube and HTML5 video
    With Moderna you can show your videos in a lightbox, when using vimeo or youtube video, or simply in HTML5 video player. See it in action on “media” page.
  • 44 social icons
    We included 44 social icons that are already styled in the main .css file “style.css”. You can see preview of all of them on “media” page.
  • 2 Skins
    As we already pointed, Moderna comes with two different skins, boxed and stretched version.
  • 10 Color Schemes
    Moderna comes with ten pre-defined color schemes, including: default blue, dark blue, nowadays popular orange, red, pink, purple, green, dark green, chocolate brown and yellow.
  • 15 Background Patterns for Boxed Version
    There are 15 beautiful background patterns including dark, light for more clean design, and two wood patterns for more creative layouts.
  • Two widgets: Social Stream and TweetsScroll 
    We know social networks and photo streams are very popular these days, so we decided to develop photo stream widgets from most popular “social networks” and similar sites. Following social widgets are included:

    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • Dribbble
    • Picasa
    • Youtube videos
    • Deviantart
    • Flickr
    • Tweeter feed
    • News photo feed

    Also there is TweetScroll widget which you can use to share your Tweets with visitors, it has many options to customize your tweets in way you like. Both widgets are intuitive and nice looking.

  • Shortcodes
    You can see all the shortocodes that comes with Moderna in action on the “columns”, “elements” and “media” pages. These includes include:

    • 12 Grid Shortcodes (960gs)
    • Divider
    • Three different styles of dropcaps
    • Accordion content
    • Tabs content
    • Toggle content
    • Info boxes, including info, error, success, note, warning and shop boxes.
    • List with colored icons
    • List with grey color icons
    • Three button sizes
    • Right and left pullquote, full sized blockquote
    • Three versions of highlighted text
    • Theme special shortcode like Services, Carousel, Social Stream
    • many more…
  • Advance Theme options
    Moderna offers advanced but easy to use Theme options you will like. There are many options you will probably want to customize and Moderna’s Theme options will help you to that with few clicks.
    What you will find there? General Theme options like Google Analytics script, Appearance options for skin changing, Slider management, Social Media creator and many more.
  • 4 Different Portfolio Page Layouts
    You can choose from four different portfolio layouts. These are: Portfolio 2 columns, Portfolio page with three columns, Four columns and portfolio with showcase. Portfolio with showcase can also have two, three, or four columns so you have 6 possible layouts. You can see demo on “Portfolio page”.
  • 2 Different Portfolio Single Layouts
    There are two Portfolio Single Layouts – with grey background, in portfolio showcase style and clean white one.
  • 3 Different Contact Pages
    Moderna comes with 3 different Contact page layouts: with wide map, with “short map” (map width is the same as of the content), and contact page that has no map.
  • Four Custom Post Types
    Moderna has four Custom Post types you can use for better content organization. These are: Services, Portfolio, Slider and Team members. All four has many options which will help you writing new content.
  • Contact From with Captcha support
    Use contact form for getting in touch with your clients. All you need to do is enter your email in Theme options and get Captcha keys to activate great Captcha script to protect you from spammers.
  • Anything slider
    Moderna comes with very interactive Anything slider where you can define custom animation for every element inside of a slide panel.
  • Filterable portfolio
    Filterable portfolio is achieve with beautiful quicksand plugin.
  • prettyPhoto lightbox
    Images are displayed with beautiful prettyPhoto lightbox plugin, which is used also for displaying video content.
  • 3 level dropdown menu
    Dropdown menu has three levels: main visible, first dropdown, second dropdown. It’s based fully on css and uses jQuery only for sliding animation, so it will for sure work even when user does not have javascript enabled.
  • Translation ready (New in v.1.2)
    Theme now has translation support. All static text is replaced with translation functions and English .po file generated.
  • Custom background (New in v.1.2)
    Custom background is presented in v1.2. It is possible to upload image or use custom background color to style website in your way.
  • 100% W3C valid HTML files
    All of the HTML files that comes with Moderna has been tested with W3C validator and are 100% valid.
  • 960 Grid System
    Moderna is based on 960 Grid System by Nathan Smith. Illustration of 960 GS columns is presented on “columns” page.
  • Google Web Fonts
    There are four fonts used in Moderna: Droid Sans, Droid Serif, Pacifico and Advent Pro. All of these fonts are google web fonts so you don’t need to download every font separately. Also Theme options offers you to use all 500+ avaliable Google Font with just a few clicks.
  • Cross-browser compatible
    Moderna is tested in all major browsers, that is Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and IE and works good in all of them.
  • Very Detailed Documentation
    Moderna comes with very detailed documentation which is enhanced with images to make you easier to set up your theme. Yes, this is it what you are now reading.

social stream


  • Version 1.0
    • 16 November 2012 – First version released
  • 21 November 2012 – Version 1.1
    • Fixed Blog section images – height problem
    • Fixed bug in Google Analytic – had problem echoing script
    • Backend Social Creator fix – data wasn’t properly sanitized
    • Few classes in Media Queries changed – problem with images
  • 26 November 2012 – Version 1.2
    • Translation ready – files are updated and .po file generated
    • Portfolio video item – portfolio item can now be video instead image
    • Custom background – added Custom background support
    • Portfolio item height fix – bug in portfolio item height