Welcome to Modular Theme for WordPress!
Explore it’s Visual Content Builder, Slides in Columns, Elements, Portfolio, Contacts, Sidebars support and many more! 100% Responsive and Retina Ready! Sharp pixels for high end devices. Great design! Up to IE 7.0!

100% Responsive and Retina Ready!
Modular Theme is available on all platforms! Desktop, mobile, tablet, Smart TVs! Choose Fixed or Responsive layout! 100% Responsive and Reatina Ready! Sharp pixels for your high end users.
Responsive of Fixed Layout!

Modular Theme can be styled with your Colors!
Any color you want! In every browser you say! Modular Theme uses simple CSS design rules and grid system supported in ALL browsers on ALL devices! IE7.0+! Use Boxed Layout and define your background via WordPress Background! Personalize your Modular Theme! Unlimited Colors! WordPress Custom Background!

Modular Theme VisualContet Builder!
15+ Elements! Drag and drop elements! Save templates for later use! Create any layout imaginable! Insert as many elements per page as you need! Use two powerfull sidebars to create custom content on any page, post or portfolio entry!

Insert Slides in all Posts, Pages or Portfolio entries!
Divide your slides into columns! Insert images or only text! Use it on single pages, posts or portfolio entries. Create galleries, slides, custom showcases or just add a simple Featured Image. Up to four columns!

Custom Sidebars
Create custom sidebars and use them in your posts, pages or portfolio entries!

Ajax Load
Ajax loading of blog and portfolio posts! Ajax loading is optional.

Google Fonts
Use Serif fonts in headers for oldschool feel and Sans-Serif Bold fonts for modern look!

Great Support
Our customers come first! Immediate help via Theme Forest profile page!

Main Features

  • Responsive of Fixed layout! Choose your layout!
  • Retina Ready! – Sharp graphics for high performance displays!
  • Awesome Slider – Divide slide into columns and make them boxed!
  • Visual Content Builder – Great Content Builder! With Save and Load options!
  • 15+ Content Elements – Blog, Portfolio, Team, Contact Form, Tabs..
  • Clean Design – Strict CSS IE7+ Support
  • Unlimited Colors – Choose any color!
  • HTML5 – Validated HTML5 Coding
  • Ajax Post/Portfolio loading – Quick and easy loading the proper way!
  • Unlimited Sidebars – Create unlimited sidebars for your pages!
  • Custom Widgets – Blog, Portfolio, Twitter..
  • Google Fonts – Use Google Web Fonts!
  • All browsers and devices support – All mobiles, handheld and desktop devices are supported IE7+!
  • Detailed Documentation – And great customer support too!
  • And many more!

Q : What’s Modular Visual Content Builder like?
A : Modular Theme uses it’s own custom Content Builder. It’s basically a very powerfull shortcode generator. It let’s you insert any shortcode at any time into any place in your post, page or portfolio entry! You can save bits of Content or the whole Page Layouts for further use. It’s visual with drag and drop elements! You’ll love it!

Q : How can I divide slider into columns?
A : This is Modular Theme quick and tidy slider system. You divide your slide into columns via slider manager. With it you can achieve quick and great looking results! Add an image to two thirds of the slide and text into the last third or divide slides into four column client showcase! This feature is available on all post types and pages! The possibilities are endless! You can even save these slides and insert them into other post, combine them with different elements and create new slides! Drag and drop!

Q : When you say Strict CSS and all browser support, what exactly do you mean?
A : Definitely not poor design regarding the strict rules! Modular Theme will perform the same on all platforms, resolutions or devices! All your visitors will see everything you see in the high end modern browser! And it’s definitely eye catching ;)

Q : Sounds pretty complicated… Am I right?
A : Actually no. View our guides, demo content and the documentation for the tips and tricks and you’ll get the idea how simple and powerfull this theme is! If you experience any troubles contact us via themeforest.net profile page and we will help you as soon as possible! Don’t hesitate to ask anything!