Nexus is a deeply responsive, business WordPress theme. Using the extensive Skin & Color Options you can completely change the look of your site in seconds. In addition to the extensive color options, you can use Nexus to integrate with the Google Font Directory. Using any of the hundreds of fonts offered by the Google Font Directory allows you to tailor your typography for a unique, custom look.

Nexus provides three fully responsive sliders. You can create sliders with any type of content you like and spice it up with a whole library of slide element animations. These sliders will be sure to create a great initial impact on your site visitors. The resource loading of the sliders has been engineered to allow for superior load times and smooth loading on all devices.

SEO is an important part of designing a successful site. Because of the importance of SEO, Nexus has been tested to ensure compatibility with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. Having support for a fully dedicated, widely used WordPress SEO plugin allows you to dramtically improve the SEO performance of your site easily and benefit from any improvements added to the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

Localization Supported with a provided .po file.

Theme Features

  • Deeply Responsive
  • POT file for I18N
  • SEO Plugin Ready
  • One Click Demo Import
  • Skins & Unlimited Color
  • Google Font Support
  • 3 Responsive Sliders
    • Flex Slider
    • CP Slider
    • Content Slider (any content & animations)
  • Unlimited Number of Sliders
  • Hundreds of Shortcodes
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Unlimited Custom Sidebars
  • Dynamic Image resizing
  • Smartphone “Launch Call” button in header
  • Pricing Table
  • Social Links in Header
  • Contact Form 7 Ready
  • Gravity Forms Ready


All Nexus support is conducted through the Adaptive Themes Support Desk.

What People Are Saying

Hi, I just want to say PHENOMENAL theme, probably top 2 themes I’ve purchased in my life. I’m working on an awesome customization of this theme, I will be posting it here soon so people can see how truly flexible this theme is and what you can achieve!

Without a doubt the best theme I have ever seen or purchased. Simply brilliant. Looks great, functions even better!

Thanks for a GREAT theme, literally been searching and trying out stuff for weeks, settled for your “next”, which was allready great, but a little too classic styled. Then just before checkout, Nexus shows up. Nexus rocks. I can’t stop checking and grinning how great stuff looks on my iPad3 and iPhone, with the adaptive and retina stuff… I think I just bought the key to a better looking website than ALL my competitors, for 45 bucks. Amazing. Thanks!

Nice theme! My best theme purchase ever.

AMAZING SUPPORT !!! AMAZING THEME !!! thank you for all the help.



Version 1.2.1 - July 1, 2013
* Added: Compatibility with the Really Simple Twitter Feed Plugin
* Fixed: Broken custom CSS theme option code
* Fixed: Broken custom color theme option code
* Removed: Included Twitter Widget
Changed Files:
* nexus\js\plugins.js
* nexus\js\script.js
* nexus\prime\classes\class.frontend.php
* nexus\prime\widgets\widgets.load.php
* nexus\prime-option\theme-options.php
* nexus\style.css
Version 1.2 - June 4, 2013
* Fixed: Page names are no longer added to the body element as a class
* Fixed: Removed behavior that de-registered the WordPress version of jQuery
Changed Files:
* nexus\prime\classes\class.frontend.php
* nexus\header.php
* nexus\style.css
Version 1.1 - March 6, 2013
* Added: Revolution Slider plugin
* Added: Starter child theme "nexus-child" 
* Added: "alt" attribute to image shortcode
* Added: Font Awesome 3.0 icons
* Added: IE10 touch support for menu
* Fixed: IE8 no longer intermittently enters Compatibility Mode
* Fixed: Slide heights are initialized to 400px (instead of 0)
* Fixed: URLs are now automatically set as absolute
* Fixed: Google Maps shortcode width attribute
* Fixed: Social sharing shortcode 
* Fixed: Child theme CSS is now respected correctly
Changed Files:
* nexus\css\font\fontawesome-webfont.eot
* nexus\css\font\fontawesome-webfont.ttf
* nexus\css\font\fontawesome-webfont.woff
* nexus\css\font\fontawesome-webfont.svg
* nexus\css\fonts.css
* nexus\demo\demo.xml
* nexus\inc\index.php
* nexus\inc\roots-cleanup.php
* nexus\js\prime-plugin-base.js
* nexus\js\prime-plugins.js
* nexus\js\script.js
* nexus\prime\classes\class.frontend.php
* nexus\prime\classes\class.slider.php
* nexus\prime\js\shortcode-generator\shortcodes\image.js
* nexus\prime\js\shortcode-generator\shortcodes\list.js
* nexus\prime\js\shortcode-generator\shortcodes\list_item.js
* nexus\prime\js\shortcode-generator\editor_plugin.js
* nexus\prime\shortcodes\display.php
* nexus\prime\shortcodes\image.php
* nexus\prime\shortcodes\map.php
* nexus\prime\shortcodes\shortcodes.load.php
* nexus\prime-option\classes\prime-class-admin.php
* nexus\prime-option\theme-options.php
* nexus\header.php
* nexus\style.css

Version - December 27, 2012
* Fixed: Incompatibilities with WordPress 3.5

Version 1.0.4 - July 29, 2012
* Improved: Rewrote documentation with more detail and walkthroughs
* Improved: Image shortcode now has an attribute for linking to an arbitrary URL
* Improved: Output sanitization for when html tags in slide content are unbalanced
* Fixed: Incompatibility between the WordPress Importer plugin and demo data import
* Fixed: Issue where Firefox 14.0.1 sometimes didn't load the content slider
* Fixed: Shortcode generator now inserts the correct attribute for image autoresize
* Fixed: Font-based icons now load more reliably in IE8
* Fixed: Slider pauses after the contact form is submitted so feedback can be seen
* Fixed: Header background now renders correctly in the Android 2.3 browser
* Fixed: Error that occurred in the options export page when no categories existed

Version 1.0.3 - July 9, 2012
* Added: Theme Option for making the mobile header Call Button navigate to a link
* Added: Theme Option for adding text to the mobile header Menu Button
* Added: PHP 5.4 Compatibility
* Fixed: Slider no longer leaves slides with YouTube and Vimeo video embed playing
* Fixed: Social share button spacing issues
* Fixed: IE9 and IE8 header styling
* Fixed: [raw] shortcodes no longer visible in search results
* Fixed: Slider without slide categories now supported
* Fixed: Content slider with only one slide now supported
* Fixed: Demo content installation now substantially faster
* Fixed: Demo content no longer sets all color theme options
* Fixed: Updated Documentation

Version 1.0.2 - June 29, 2012
* Fixed: the skin selector now works correctly in all circumstances