Say Hello to Noted!

Noted is a super clean Premium WordPress Theme with oodles of features. Noted comes packed with our brand new options panel ‘Builder’. Builder makes it super simple to configure your site and get up and running as fast as possible! Noted is perfect for the discerning writer or blogger. Features Include:

  • Future proof HTML5 / CSS3 responsive & adaptive design.
  • Unique design.
  • WP3 menus.
  • Unlimited accent colors.
  • Every single Google font with live previewer.
  • Builder options panel with upgrade notifications.
  • Backward compatibility for older browsers.
  • Automatic CSS combine & minify.
  • Beautiful Typography.
  • Automatic text links.
  • Automatic image sizing.
  • Built-in update notifier.
  • Social Integration.
  • Custom Post Formats.
  • Lots of built-in shortcodes and classes for easy styling.
  • Google analytics.

plus tons more!

Builder options panel with updates notifier! Builder Workless

Noted is built around my popular CSS framework Workless. This means not only do you get all the usual WordPress goodies, you also inherit all the classes and helpers from Workless!

This will make your life much easier and get your site running as fast as possible.

Checkout the full Workless site & docs:

Demo images not included in theme. Copyright there respective owners.