You may have seen the overwhelming amount of WordPress themes that look mostly the same in a way that you can not even distinguish one from the other! The very idea behind Paragon is to step forward from what WordPress does to what WordPress can do. We believe WordPress can serve beyond the stringent borders developers and community have drawn arround it.

Paragon is the best example of a WordPress theme that gets the most out of WordPress technology to go beyond these borders. We have overworked on both back-end and front-end of our product to provide the authors with a unique experience. Here’s why this theme is way ahead of its time!


When we say Paragon is ultra-responsive we dont just mean in popular screen sizes such as iPhone or iPad. To be more technical, Paragon will fit into any screen size less than 1140px wide. It means we dont define widths with fixed pixel values, rather layouts are flexible with percents. therefore you wont see any issue with unpopular device sizes as well.


we did not ignore any element in responsive design. All shortcodesBlog and Portfolio loops,slideshows are carefully coded to make sure they do not break in any circumstances. Just try our responsive Main Navigation. its unique animations without doubt creates a sense that this theme is developed for a smartphone.


While on your smartphone or tablet, you can swipe carelessley! You don’t have to move on straight axis to explore across the screen. Just a quick touch of finger and done. Paragon acts as it’s an app not a webpage!


Paragon includes 3 different styles for your blog loops and 3 for your portfolio presentations. You can use Classic and Grid styles for your offical business website and use Newspaper style to cover your constant flow of information and news. But if you’re heading to grab one of those awards for your awesome website this season, take our advice and try Metro: the most modern blog/portfolio style for creatives.


In short, 3D background is a modern practice that defines the movement of different backgrounds on different speeds. This trick generates an illusion of distance between two layers in human eye. and that’s where the 3D layout emerges!

In Paragon this feature is implemented on pageSlideshow section and body backgrounds, so you can easily manipulate backgrounds movement speed according to page scroll. This feature is optional and you can disable it from admin panel.

But that’s not all:


smooth-scroll is also another aesthetic practice to provide a delicate and fantastic experience for your audience. You won’t see the magic unless you give it a try!

We’re also glad to say:


All these UI features are Retina-ready. Thanks to modern technology of font icons your icons will appear clean and attractive on Retina displays.

And YES! IT’S TRUE that you can create unlimited variations of icons using:


Taking advantage of modern CSS, Paragon icons act just like refular fonts. You can define any size and any color for your icons without worrying about the quality. Icons are based on 16×16 grid which enables you play with your icons unlimitedly and without worrying about losing quality.



Paragon is powered by Masterkey Settings. Its not just another WordPress admin panel. Masterkey has been designed and developed in Artbees. Its User interface, UI elements, Icons and all are designed from scratch to provide you with a solid and flawless administration experience across all our current and future themes.