Personality is a fluid-width, responsive, three-column blogging theme with multiple layouts and a focus on readability.

A Designer’s Dream Theme

Personality gets out of your way and let’s your content really stand out. Beautiful typography and spacing allows you to send a clear message.

100% Responsive

Communicate your message to the masses. Personality is screen-size-agnostic, offering your readers the most pleasurable content viewing experience in modern history. It’s pure brilliance. Or is it madness? We’ll let you decide.

Styles Powered by Sass & Compass

For designers/developers with Sass experience, you can easily customize colors with just a few quick changes to Sass variables. We even built in support for color lightness detection. That means if your background color has less than 50% brightness, the text on top of it will be light colored. If the brightness level is above 50%, text will be dark.

Customizable Logo Image with Live Theme Preview

Easily replace the logo with your own avatar or branding elements. Upload your logo and crop it all in the same breath and you’ll consider yourself a WordPress champion!

Beautiful Post Format Styles

Why should your posts all look the same? If you’re showcasing a video, why should it have the same appearance as every other type of content? Personality gets out of the way and allows your content to speak to your readers. Seriously people, this is the future.

Multiple Layouts

Swap your sidebars from left to right with layout options powered by the incredulous UpThemes Framework. Boom-shaka-laka!