Photochrom is a Responsive WordPress Theme for people who are passionate about Photography and are looking for a way to display their art with balance and elegance.

We love Photography, and we’ve created something that we are proud to recommend to our friends who do as well.


Every aspect of this theme’s design has been structured around a single idea: putting your photos before all. Photochrom respects your art: your photos are always displayed in their natural ratio, occupying all available space, and its minimal and dynamic layout lets you focus on what’s important.


Photochrom features a Set browsing interface that’s one of a kind. When browsing a Set, everything that’s not necessary automatically moves away leaving only your photos to focus on – and quickly comes back in when needed.


This theme is fully responsive and touch optimized. Depending on the size of the device you see it on, the theme will react and wisely use the available space to provide an optimal navigation experience, but never affecting your photos importance. We’ve worked hard to provide a layout that recognized gestures efficiently, and can provide an even better experience on Tablets like the iPad.


Photochrom features elegant full-screen Sliders designed to grab your user’s attention and direct it to a specific Set or Article. Every Slide can use different and unique properties, and the creative combinations that can be achieved are infinite. You’ll have a lot of fun.


If there is something more important to us than Photography, it’s Typography. Photochrom makes great use of Google Fonts to give a nice suit to your text. And changing Fonts is easy as pasting a link.


Even if it’s your first time with WordPress, you’ll find this theme extremely easy to use thanks to its advanced framework. Adding, editing, re-ordering Slides or Items is done directly trough the WordPress by simple gestures that require little to no time. It’s so easy you can create an entire Set in just two clicks. No joke.


Photochrom fully supports YouTube and Vimeo videos and automatically obtains Thumbnails from your videos to make ‘em part of your Sets.


Photochrom uses no images for its layout, and wisely includes only the necessary files needed by the page currently viewed. Most of the theme’s structure has been developed from scratch: no unnecessary javascript plugins included in your website. The whole theme is less than 500kb.


Photochrom lets you create an infinite number of Collections that can contain an infinite number of Sets. And infinite Sliders that can contain infinite Slides.


This theme includes all it takes to be translated in another language. You will also find a quick tutorial in the included Documentation, just in case it’s your first time.


Like to start from a solid base? Photochrom includes Sample Data that will quickly setup your website into a fully sectioned installation.