Plattan – a fresh and clean responsive WordPress-theme from Northemes. It’s flat, simple and elegant and makes your content get all the attention it deserves.


  • six color schemes
  • featured images
  • sticky posts
  • three additional post formats (status, quote and link)
  • static page template
  • customizable social profile and sharing icons

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Color schemes

You get 6 color schemes with this theme. If you want you can add a color scheme picker to the theme, so your visitors can choose their own style. Or you just link the scheme you want to show, see the docs.

Post formats

To add more variety to your blog, you can choose 3 additional post formats. One for status updates, one for quotes and one for links. Of course you can even make sticky posts. See the docs and the preview.

Social icons

We provide the most common social icons in an icon-font. You can compose them as you want (max 4 at the same time).


We try to support you in every way we can. Use the comments or send us a mail, we are there for you.

Enjoy your theme

Our passion is elegant design, simple to use themes and everything shiny on the web. We hope our theme helps you to add something great to this big awesomeness.