Whether you’re starting a blog or building a business site, Portal has what it takes to work for you.

With Portal, I decided to go back to what made Origami such a popular theme. It’s just a simple blogging theme that aims to get out of the way of your content. With the power of Page Builder though, Portal you can use Portal as a full business theme, a simple single landing page, or anything in between.

Portal makes ample use of a hot new fonts called Noto Sans and Noto Serif. I absolutely fell in love with these fonts when I first saw them. Noto Sans specifically is just gorgeous. Its clean cut lines add a professional touch to your content. It worked perfectly in just about every circumstance, including as a huge bold headline on the home page.

I just let the font inspire me from there. Clean, solid lines and subtle color changes were a perfect compliment to the content.

There’s an interesting story behind the blue line at the top of the theme. I actually used some crowd design to ask thousands of people which color blue they preferred. I couldn’t have chosen a better blue myself, so I’d like to thank the thousands of people who contributed their opinions.

I hope you like it.