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Rejuvenate is a WordPress theme ideal for those wanting to showcase their spa salons or massage parlors. The design, affected by the big slider is relaxed, simple and inviting. The homepage has been structured to feature important information such as working hours and services. It’s an ideal spa WordPress theme!




Key features



  • Rejuvenate - Spa WordPress theme

    Customize the homepage

    Changing the homepage is easy as drag n’ drop, literally. Widgets allow you to populate the homepage with different content while still preserving that clean and beautiful look.

  • Rejuvenate - Spa WordPress theme

    Theme control panel

    The extensive Rejuvenate options panel will allow you to tweak things like SEO, comments, breadcrumbs, the way blog is displayed and more.

  • Rejuvenate - Spa WordPress theme

    4 color skins

    Choose between 4 detailed color skins for your site. Available colors include the default green, blue, pink and purple.

  • Rejuvenate - Spa WordPress theme

    Customizable header

    Header in Rejuvenate can be changed from the back-end. Upload and assign your own logo in seconds and also change the text that appears on the right side.

  • Rejuvenate - Spa WordPress theme

    Custom widgets

    Helping you structure and display content are various widgets. These include: Testimonials, Reservation and Special Offers, Services and Working Hours, Upcoming Events and more.

  • Rejuvenate - Spa WordPress theme

    Maintain a regular ol’ blog

    No worries, we didn’t forget about the blog. Starting a blog with this advanced theme is as easy as creating a new category and adding some posts to it, no further tweaking necessary.

  • Rejuvenate - Spa WordPress theme

    Translate Rejuvenate

    Rejuvenate comes with a language file (.po) you can use to translate the theme. In case you haven’t done this before we’ve prepared a tutorial that will help you get started.

  • Rejuvenate - Spa WordPress theme

    Auto-resizing thumbnails

    Our theme dynamically generate thumbnails from the image you uploaded so you won’t have to create separete thumbnail images.


Use the Rejuvenate spa WordPress theme in 4 color schemes


Rejuvenate - Spa WordPress theme