CSS, Javascript & Credits

CSS FILES: The CSS files are listed below and are located at republica > css.

  • bootstrap.css – Reset & for initial setup for responsive & non resposive content./li>
  • style.css – Default CSS
  • prettyPhoto.css – Located in the css folder of the theme. CSS for lightbox.
  • style.css – Placeholder stylesheet

Javascript FILES: The Javascript files are listed below and are located at republica > js. Please leave these files alone unless you know exactly what you are doing. If you do need to edit them, please make a copy of them before you try to edit.

  • bootstrap.js – Bootstrap is used for all basic funtionalities.
  • TweenMax.min – TweenMax is used for smooth animations.
  • jquery.superscrollorama.min – Super Scrollorama is used for scroll animations.
  • jquery.cycle.lite.js – jQuery Cycle is used for testimonial shortcode.
  • jquery.prettyPhoto.js – jQuery PrettyPhoto is used for the lightboxes.
  • jquery.isotope.min.js – portfolio filtering / animation javascript
  • script.js – main file / Republica code that utilizies all the the other javascript plugins
  • modernizr.js – browser features detection script
  • respond.min.js – another browser feature detection script
  • upload.js – upload script for metaboxes
  • jquery.hoverIntent.minified.js – script for determining users intent with mouse
  • jquery.dlmenu.js – script for dropdown menu

Change Log

Version 1.01 (March 27th 2014):

  • Updated Revolution Slider to Version 4.3.1
  • Added an Option to Enable Top Toolbar for Headers on Home Page
  • Added Typography Page
  • Bug Fixes:-
    • Minor fixes for Portfolio 2-Columns
    • Minor fixes on Header’ Options
    • Minor fixes on Headers’ CSS
  • Revised Default Theme Options
  • Minor Revision of Menu Structure:-
  • Minor Revisions of Shortcodes