Resans is highly advanced WordPress theme. It’s based on many plugins which provides excellent sight. Resans comes with 50$ worth plugins. Provides such abilities such as infinite scrolling, page preloading, loading animations and highly advanced administration panel.

Resans is fully responsive, retina ready WordPress template. You may use it alongside your desktop template and set it up with Resans AP. There’s online help guide to tell you basics  ticket support. Thank you once again to taking your time.


Some features of Resans

Resans includes highly advanced admin panel. 

Don’t forget about your social profiles, they are very important aspect of our lives and Resans knows it! 

Let’s delve into the depths of this amazing admin panel and adjust every aspect of Resans. 

Create custom menu, upload background image, change loading animations etc. 

Search Engine Optimalization is so important! Resans provides features to have SEO friendly site. 

Full list of features

  • Amazing blog
  • Masonry blog posts
  • Responsive listing
  • Will work alongside your desktop theme
  • Custom blog post template
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Animated loading of new pages
  • Supports swipe gestues
  • 5 Page afterload animations (Slide Left, Slide Right, Fall Down, Rise from Bottom and Fade In
  • Preloader on every page
  • Mobile only / fully responsive layout
  • Tracking code integration
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Logo uploader
  • Favicon uploader
  • 13 Background patterns
  • Custom background image uploader
  • Unlimited colors for header background
  • Unlimited colors for content background
  • Unlimited colors for footer background
  • Unlimited colors for menu background
  • Unlimited font colors
  • 6 Basic fonts
  • Custom footer text
  • Menu builder
  • 743 Amazing icons for free use
  • Social media integrations
  • Unlimited colors for social media icons
  • Options backup utility
  • Custom number of post per page
  • Show/hide meta data on every page/post
  • Show/hide comments
  • Theme guide
  • Ticket support
  • Responsive layout
  • Astonishing design by lukepostulka