2014 APRIL 26 – VERSION 1.2

+ New Feature. Theme options updated to ReduxFramework v3.2.1 with new features and better design
+ New Feature. Google Map option to disable parallax feature
+ New Feature. google Map supports up to 3 locations and tooltip text option added
+ New Feature. Employee loop website, pinterest icons added
+ New Feature. Added option to disable employee description in column rounded style
+ New Feature. Added Custom.js to theme root
+ New Feature. Added comment section to pages and you can enable it globally from theme settings. You can disable/enable it from page to page from discussion metabox
+ New Feature. Skin management metabox options for blog posts
+ New Feature. Skin management metabox options for portfolio posts
+ New Feature. Page elements option new combinations added
+ New Feature. LayerSlider updated to most recent version
+ New Feature. Dummy Content updated
+ Improvement. Preloader script enhancement
+ Improvement. Portfolio loops title is now linked to single post
+ Improvement. Search loop : when no result found the message and search form will show.
+ Improvement. Countdown shortcode minor padding issues
+ Improvement. testimonial slideshow now will loop
+ Improvement. Blog single posts is now dark background compatible.
+ Improvement. increased testimonial thumbnail size
+ BugFix. Google map controls was not working
+ BugFix. Breadcrumb option to disable globally were not working
+ BugFix. Lightbox responsive glitches
+ BugFix. theme settings where not working with WP3.9 in some installations
+ BugFix. Some testimonial glitches
+ BugFix. Testimonial slideshow font family option were not working.
+ BugFix. some other minor bug fixings

2014 APRIL 18 – VERSION 1.1.5

+ New Feature. WordPress v3.9 compatible
+ New Feature. Option to set product single post page title to product category
+ BugFix. Footer Social networks pinterest repeated twice
+ BugFix. Super links were not working to choose posts
+ BugFix. Fixed portfolio & blog load more when multiple loops present in one page.
+ BugFix. Fixed ajax portfolio for items appended via load more button.
+ BugFix. Some minor bug fixings

2014 APRIL 14 – VERSION 1.1.4

+ New Feature. Custom font icon option for Icon Box Shortcode
+ New Feature. Page Layout default value in meta options changed to Full Layout
+ New Feature. Page Template meta option enhanced with some more options. 
+ BugFix. IE11 bug in preloader, for some reason it still was not working!!


+ BugFix. 3 other minor bug fixings

2014 APRIL 13 – VERSION 1.1.3

+ New Feature. New shortocde : Image Box
+ New Feature. New Icon Box style with its many new features
+ New Feature. Icon box description line height option.
+ New Feature. Option to disable icon box icon frame circle.
+ BugFix. Client box column style hover height was wrongly set
+ BugFix. Portfolio logo hover z-index issue was conflicting

2014 APRIL 12 – VERSION 1.1.2

+ New Feature. Padding Space to column shortcode
+ New Feature. Background colour and border colour option to column shortcode
+ New Feature. option to stick columns to each other in Row shortcode
+ New Feature. New Employees style
+ New Feature. New Clients style
+ New Feature. New shortcodes : Raw JS & Raw HTML shortcodes
+ New Feature. Breadcrumb skin option in theme options.
+ New Feature. Typewriter jQuery plugin
+ New Feature. Logo image in portfolio loop images
+ New Feature. New style for fancy title (stroke style)
+ BugFix. Edge Slider URL for first button was not working
+ BugFix. Side dashboard color picker was cut off in bottom of the admin panel
+ BugFix. IE11 pre-loader issue : was showing a white screen in IE!!
+ BugFix. some other minor bug fixings and adjustments.

2014 APRIL 9 – VERSION 1.1.1

Dear users : In this update we mainly worked on bug fixings and making theme much better and smoother. There are some critical bug fixings so its highly recommended to upgrade. We saved all new features for v1.2 so stay tuned ;)

+ New Feature. New Metabox option to choose menu locations in each page. now you can have up to 7 menus in your site.


+ New Feature. New homepage added to Dummy Content
+ New Feature. Documentation is updated.
+ New Feature. Chemar.org templates added everywhere applicable to allow search engines and reader devices see your content arranged. 
+ Improvement. Added an option to Edge Slider to prevent conflicts if there are more than one edge slider is used in one page or even the slider is not first item
+ Improvement. Twitter widget and shortcode was occasionally not loading
+ Improvement. Transparent header dramatically improved and all known bugs and glitches is fixed.
+ Improvement. Responsive imporvements in columns and edge slider 
+ Improvement. .Po & .MO files updated
+ BugFix. Mobile logo in Header shortcode was appearing in desktop version
+ BugFix. Preloader and some elements were causing issues in IE8 & IE9
+ BugFix. Site scroll generally was choppy mainly in Safari, now its completely fixed.
+ BugFix. Page Title size in meta options and theme options was not working since v1.1
+ BugFix. Many more minor bug fixings

2014 APRIL 7 – VERSION 1.1

+ New Feature. Floating transparent header style that supports dark and light background
+ New Feature. Skin Management metabox for pages with all new options
+ New Feature. Portfolio Flip style
+ New Feature. Portfolio hovers improved
+ New Feature. Mobile version logo options
+ New Feature. Page Section shortcode half layouts
+ New Feature. Option to change all image hover colours
+ New Feature. option addition to page template elements (remove footer & header & page title)
+ New Feature. target option & custom url to image shortcode.
+ Improvement. Blog loop click on images will directly navigate to single posts
+ Improvement. Page title section in page modification options (top & bottom padding, text size, align,..)
+ BugFix. Child theme issue in page composer


2014 APRIL 4 – VERSION 1.0

* Initial Release.