This is the full version of The Skeleton. A simple theme with smooth design and responsive capabilities. This theme is built for mainly WooCommerce and bbpress, their are added features and styles to go along with these two major WordPress plugins.

This theme is hugely different from most WordPress themes, simple because it features it ‘themes options’ panel which allows you to have left sidebars and right sidebars with two clicks, instead of ‘inserting templates’ as of most themes provide.

You can skip between sidebars for bbpress, making bbpress forum have its own sidebar with own content and also can change it from right to left.

Lightbox registration and Log In form pulls out of those buttons in the header, just one click via front-end and your Logged In or registered already.


– Switch between one column to two columns

– Lightbox Registration and Log In via front-end

– 12 Widget Areas

  • Main Sidebar
  • Sidebar Left
  • Sidebar bbpress
  • 3 widget columns for front-page
  • 2 Related Sidebars
  • 4 Footer Columns

– 3 Menu Positions

  • Top Menu
  • Main Menu
  • Footer Menu

Theme Options

– Front Page Editor

  • Modify WooCommerce header area
  • Modify Featured header area
  • Modify blogging header area
  • Enable / Disable WooCommerce Section and Featured Section

– Layout Controller

  • Switch on two Column Post
  • Switch on Left Sidebar
  • Switch on bbpress sidebar

– Social links

  • Modify Facebook link
  • Modify Twitter link
  • Modify E-mail Link

– Footer Handler

  • Change Copyright Text
  • Change Credits Text
  • Enable / Disable Footer Widgets

– Insert your own Custom CSS