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Blazing Fast!

Pingdom test Typastic

The Main Features:


    • NEW: MenuBar with amazing new Options: Navigation, Tag-Filter, featured Posts, Social Sharing, Comments, Author Display… we have it all!


    • NEW: 5 different Animation Styles to choose from!


    • ALL AJAX, no more pagereloads! (with caching for even faster display and url change)


    • Featured Post Image


    • Childtheme ready


    • Full WPML Support


    • Everything can be changed through the WordPress Customizer


    • Isolation View for Posts


    • One-on-One Email Support


    • Multilingual (works with EVERY language)


    • Flat, Clean, Elegant, Modern Design can be used for any type of website


    • Smooth Animations and scroll effects


    • Many Color Schemes


    • Built mobile first for speed (Mobile friendly)


    • Blazing fast loading time (Pingdom score 100/100)


    • Vimeo, Youtube and co support (and responsive)


    • Responsive all the way


    • Retina ready


    • Easy to install and configure, features can be turned on or off


    • HTML5 and CSS3 based


    • Clean Programming: Well organized, commented & clean code


    • Split up Code in Partials


    • Full social sharing support


    • Compatible with the latest WordPress releases and older ones!


    • SEO optimized


    • Fully documented


    • Syntax highlighting for 63 languages


    • Font Awesome Icons


    • Bootstrap 3.0 based


    • Underscores based



Those features, bugfixes and improvements are going to be implemented within the next updates

- FEATURE: Soundcloud and Mixcloud support
- FEATURE: Parallax scrolling
- FEATURE: Rich snippets support (
- FEATURE: Facebook & Twitter meta data


Version 1.0 – June 2nd, 2014 – Footprint: 295 KB

Finally: Typastic is now ready for WordPress! We ported it over from the Ghost Platform since so many people asked for a WP Version, well here you go!

- RELEASE: Ported from Ghost to WordPress and added some nice features
- FEATURE: Dashboard on the left, which is a widget area for every page!
- FEATURE: Error pages
- FEATURE: WordPress Customizer support for ALL the options


Version 2.6 – June 2nd, 2014 – Footprint: 295 KB

After those big updates we got some feedback and put those suggestions right into Typastic

- BUGFIX: flickering of background cover before pageload - fixed!
- BUGFIX: Background cover image gets preloaded so the change from isolation view to background is smooth
- BUGFIX: Animations run faster and use less cpu, so it looks smooth even on old iPhone's like the 3G

Version 2.5 – May 2nd, 2014 – Footprint: 295 KB

Finally! It was long on our Todo-List and together with the new Tags Feature it made more sense to redo our Animation-Framework from ground up. We are very proud to annouce a even better Experience from now on – it looks mind blowing! And to show it off, we added options to choose your Animation Style – nice! As you know us, we even added a little bonus for you: two new Color Schemes! And the option to disable colorization of the background, so you see your background cristall clear!

- COLOR-SCHEME: red color scheme added
- COLOR-SCHEME: brown color scheme added
- FEATURE: Changeable post animations!
- IMPROVEMENT: Completly new Animations that are more stable
- IMPROVEMENT: Optimized Responsive design for Smartphones
- IMPROVEMENT: New Options Panel for live preview - new options: background and animations
- OPTION: "postsAnimation" to choose your Animation from: flip, bounce, fade, rotate or slide!
- OPTION: "colorizeBackground" to get a transparent view!

Version 2.4 – April 24th, 2014 – Footprint: 262 KB

Want a fast loading page and still all the posts ready for display? No problem! We implemented the option to preload all posts in the background as soon as the page is loaded

- FEATURE: Endless preloading - can be enabled in options.hbs
- OPTION: "endlessLoadAll" to enable the feature

Version 2.3 – April 14th, 2014 – Footprint: 261 KB

Just improved the MenuBar even further, the single post view has some special Tabs to access author and comments faster.

- FEATURE: MenuBar Comments Tab
- FEATURE: MenuBar Author Tab

Version 2.2 – April 5th, 2014 – Footprint: 258 KB

We love our new MenuBar and added some useful features to make it even more awesome! And since we were on it, we also added support for featured Posts AND integrated it directly as a Tab into the MenuBar!

- FEATURE: MenuBar Tag Filter Tab
- FEATURE: MenuBar Featured Posts Tab
- FEATURE: MenuBar Social Sharing Tab
- IMPROVEMENT: Post titles bold font

Version 2.1 – March 27th, 2014 – Footprint: 252 KB

Ghost rocked out the option of static pages, as soon as we heard that we implemented a all new MenuBar to navigate to your static pages.

- FEATURE: MenuBar with Navigation for static Pages
- IMPROVEMENT: Comment Button at end of Post bigger
- OPTION: "menuBar" to disable the MenuBar
- OPTION: "navTabLinks" to enter your Naviagtion Links
- BUGFIX: To thin Font in Safari issue corrected

Version 2.0 – January 26th, 2014 – Footprint: 247 KB

All new Documentation, beautiful and more informative than ever!

- IMPROVEMENT: All new Documentation!!!

Version 1.9 – January 25th, 2014

Disqus Comments – give your readers a voice!

- FEATURE: Disqus comments

Version 1.8 – January 14th, 2014

Analytics Code works again!

- FIX: analytics Code error with new Ghost 0.4, now you can paste the whole tracking snippet - easy!

Version 1.7 – Dezember 10th, 2013

Link to every social account you can imagine!

- OPTION: accounts to configure the links
- FEATURE: social links and icons in the author box
- FEATURE: new social account support for: Dribbble, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype and Flickr

Version 1.6 – Dezember 8th, 2013

- IMPROVEMENT: Smooth animations for all transitions, including Ajax
- IMPROVEMENT: even faster loading and page speed
- FEATURE: color theme switcher for live preview 

Version 1.5.6 – November 25th, 2013

- IMPROVEMENT: featured Images get preloaded, all time ready for display!

Version 1.5.5 – November 16th, 2013

- FEATURE: Syntax Highlighting for 63 languages!
- OPTION: **syntaxHighlighter** to disable Syntax highlighting

Version 1.5 – November 12th, 2013

AJAX all the way! From now on Typastic is completely dynamic – if you want! No more page loads, all gets pulled in behind the scenes!

- FEATURE: all Dynamic via AJAX
- FEATURE: caching of past AJAX-requests for instant display
- FEATURE: dynamic browser URL change on AJAX posts
- OPTION: **allDynamic** to disable AJAX loading

Version 1.4 – November 12th, 2013

Featured images are here! We took the time to get a unique implementation that fits to Typastic. With this came the solution of a isolation view for the post.

- FEATURE: featured post image
- FEATURE: isolation view for post
- OPTION: **featuredMedia** to disable featured images (as well as videos and sound when implemented)
- BUGFIX: post slide in on scroll down when loaded per endless scrolling

Version 1.3 – November 9th, 2013

Infinite scrolling is here! Not only have we integrated it nicely into Typastic, we also handcrafted a beautiful retina-ready css3 animation for the loading AND we also made a special effort and wrote a custom script “typasticEndless.js to do all the magic. This way it was possible to preserve the first class loading time and even give you the option to disable it easily through the “options.hbs” and have the good old pagination back.

- FEATURE: infinite scrolling
- FEATURE: "options.hbs" partial for easy customization
- FEATURE: Google Analytics Tracking Support
- FEATURE: "analytics_code" partial for easy setup of Google Analytics
- OPTION: **endlessScroll** to disable endless scrolling
- BUGFIX: background cover scales now centered (before it was left orientated)

Version 1.2 – November 5th, 2013

Ready for every language, two more color schemes and even easier switching between them! We implemented a completely new way to change the scheme, just change the keyword in “colorscheme.hbs” (ex. “white” to “blue”) and it is applied! This way it was possible to make the already outstanding loading time even lightly faster than before!

- COLOR-SCHEME: blue color scheme added
- COLOR-SCHEME: green color scheme added
- IMPROVEMENT: usable in every language!
- IMPROVEMENT: easy color scheme change with "colorscheme.hbs"
- IMPROVEMENT: arrow on author box

Version 1.1 – October 30th, 2013

This is a major update with some nice features!

- FEATURE: CSS3 animations for various small details
- FEATURE: custom made flip animation for author box on post page
- FEATURE: new and retina ready icons!
- FEATURE: back to list arrow on post page
- FEATURE: collapsing arrows for page navigation
- FEATURE: responsive video embeds (Youtube, Vimeo...)
- BUGFIX: orientation change for author box on small screens
- IMPROVEMENT: responsive design and special layouts

Customer Feedbacks:


“<3 your theme” – kd1987

“the theme is very elegant” – jorgeolivero

*”real great theme” *– brunomendesdias