Vantage is a next-generation multipurpose theme featuring strong integration with some amazing plugins.

Vantage is the most revolutionary theme we’ve ever created. Even the free version can stand feature for feature when compared to some of the top premium WordPress themes. It’s a complete rethink on what it means for a theme to be free.

Page Builder Integration

Of course, Vantage integrates perfectly with Page Builder. Vantage actually helped drive forward the development of Page Builder.

We also created a surprisingly useful circle icon widget. You can use this widget for features on your home page, testimonials or a host of other informational titbits. It uses FontAwesome, giving you hundreds of icons to choose from, or you can use your own image.


A great slider on your home page is a great way to show your visitors what you’re made of. Vantage integrates with MetaSlider. An incredible free slider plugin that lets you easily manage and edit your sliders.

It has a pro upgrade that gives you a phenomenally powerful layered slide. It’s great for creating beautifully animated slides.


We’re launching with some basic integration with WooCommerce. Over time, we’ll improve this to give your store a unique flavor.

More To Come

We have a lot of features on our development roadmap. Our goal is to release a new feature ever 1-2 weeks.