Vivance theme is the perfect place for accurate news and business information. Along with these features, you get the opportunity to get the latest updates in terms of technology development. This theme also gives you the chance to stay tuned with the most beautiful and exotic options for a perfect vacation & entertainment place on the travel section, in which you can add photo galleries and video samples of the places.

Multiple Slides
This feature gives you the chance to have different slides in every shape or form that you desire.

Rotative Feature
Possibility of slide rotative motion which gives an innovative style to the site.

Photo Gallery
This section offers the possibility of theme customization with the help of photos and images on your site or for articles

YouTube & Vimeo
Pulse theme has the capacity of hosting videos from both, YouTube and Vimeo.

4 Blog Styles
An exquisite feature that gives you the opportunity of choosing from 4 different styles of displaying a blog post.

Theme Options
Vivance theme comes with numerous features which includes a large number of fonts that can be used (600+ google fonts), and to top that, this theme gives you the possibility of customization in every color or tone you like. Another unique feature that makes this theme outstanding is that the menu stays on top no matter what the user is doing and the possibility of menu adjustment, logo and favicon.

Detailed menu section
A unique feature that allows the visitor to view the latest articles in different sections of the menu just by hovering over a specific section.