Winter is a single column free premium tumblog WordPress theme. This is a WordPress 3+ ready theme with features like custom menu, featured images, Metabox, widgetized footer, and tumblog feature using the WordPress post formats. Winter theme supports Audio, Video, Image, Link, Chat, Quote, Aside, Gallery and Standard post formats.

Post formats

This is a tumblog theme. This is done using the post format feature of WordPress. This theme supports the following post formats.

Image format: This format is used to post images. You can use the image metabox to upload the image. Images support fancybox feature.

Video format: This format is used to post videos. You can use the metabox to add the video embed code.

Quote format: Use this format to post a quote. Post your quote in the post editor and enter the name of the quote author in the metabox.

Audio format: This can be used to post an audio file in the post. Use the audio metabox to add the audio url.

Link format: This can be used to post a link. Add the link url in the metabox sectiona nd it will be assigned to the post title.

Gallery format: Insert wordpress image gallery in the post and it will create a jquery flexslider for you.

Chat format: Can be used to post a chat or conversation. Post your chat lines as list items and they will be styled by the theme.

Standard: Standard post format. Nothing too exciting about it..