Write about it is a responsive blogging theme designed with simplicity in mind to give the best possible focus on your content.

This theme is perfect for personal or team blogs or even as your photography portfolio. It has full post format support, uses the theme customizer to customize the theme, has shortcodes support through my free plugin and is fully responsive.



Full Post Format Support


Posting a gallery of photos from your office party? Or maybe you want to allow your visitors to listen to your latest track?

With full post formats support, this theme can display your content differently depending on what kind of post it is, for example if you are just wanting to post a link to a site, you probably don’t want your avatar, the title of the post, the number of comments etc. showing on the post, so with post formats you can set it to just show the link.

This theme supports; aside, gallery, link, image, quote, status, video, audio and chat, and you can easily turn off elements through the customizer.


Theme Customizer

The theme customizer is a built in feature of WordPress to allow you to tweak certain options on your site. With this theme you can change the logo, add header icons, add a header background image, set the site layout, primary colour, heading and paragraph font (which includes a selection of Google Web Fonts). You can also add custom css, select which post format elements you’d like to show, enable/disable the new gallery and add copyright text.

These are the options you have available in the theme customizer:



Fully Responsive


Write about it is fully responsive, from your desktop right down to your iPhone, you will get a pleasurable reading experience however you view it.


Shortcodes done right


Shortcodes are available in this theme, through my free “Simnor Shortcodes” plugin. You can add buttons, tabs, videos, google maps, toggle boxes and much more, all within an easy to use plugin.


All Features

Full post format support including audio player through MediaElement.js
Responsive design so it looks great across all sized devices.
Theme Customizer to easily setup your theme.
Add up to 5 Header Icons from FontAwesome.
Add a Header Background Image to personalise your blog.
Choose your site layout to have a sidebar on the right or left or make the site full width.
Shortcodes integration through the free Simnor Shortcodes plugin.
Custom widgets through the free Simnor Widgets plugin.
Social links on author profiles under a post and in the author archives (perfect for a team blog).
Post timeline page template, to list your posts by month in a timeline style.
Full width, archives and blog authors page templates.
No bloated code, everything nicely commented ready for developers.