Built for Use with the AudioTheme Plugin

Manage gigs, discography, and videos with ease using the AudioTheme plugin. The WordPress admin panel is transformed into your band’s ultimate management tool with an easy-to-use user interface.

Includes Localization and Right-to-Left Language Support

Add your own language and display RTL languages as intended.

Custom Jukebox Audio Player

Upload your tracks and allow users to play clips or full songs on every page of your website with our custom audio player! It ties in directly to your AudioTheme tracks and offers an easy-to-use interface for selecting and updating tracks in the jukebox.

Google Maps Support

Display an interactive map for each of your upcoming gigs, making it easy for fans to get directions to your next show.

Custom Logo and Background Support

Upload your own images easily with the WordPress Theme Customizer!

Developer Feature: Built with Foundation 4 and Sass/Compass

The CSS for this theme is powered by Foundation by Zurb and Sass, a powerful CSS pre-processor. Either edit the CSS directly or use Sass to regenerate your theme CSS easily and quickly.