Aside presents your writing in a modern and sleek way on all devices.

Showcase Your Writing

Aside’s minimalist, no-sidebar design puts all the emphasis on your writing, so you keep your readers’ attention from start to finish of each post. post

Grow Your Followers

Aside uses the native WordPress customizer to make adding icons for all your social profiles easy. social-icons

Build Your Brand

Integration with the WordPress customizer makes adding your site’s name or logo simple. add-logo


All of the following features come out-of-the-box with Aside.

Responsive Design

Aside is a responsive WordPress theme.  This means it is device-agnostic and will look great on any screen width or browser.

Author-Specific Social Icons

You can set your personal social profiles in the Your Profile page to display social icons next to your name on blog posts

Post Format Support

Aside supports and displays beautifully all nine WordPress post formats.

Image Credit Link Adder

Quickly cite the source for your featured image by pasting the link into the “Image Credit Link” meta box at the bottom of each post page.  The link will automatically be included and formatted in your post.