You want your content to sing for itself — and your posts to get straight to the point — without any distractions or clutter.

This is Bosco.

Built on a single, solid column of content, Bosco gives your viewers the ultimate in readability. Tightly curated fonts and whitespace combine with bold image presentation for a clean and seamless reading experience, on any screen size.

This doesn’t mean Bosco is stripped down or lacking in features — quite the opposite. Three full widget areas are located below the content, accessible but not stealing the focus from your message. Custom Menus, Custom Backgrounds, and beautiful editor styles are all included in Bosco, as well as unique treatments for different types of Post Formats. For example, Link titles go straight to the linked content, not just another page with the link on it (which you’ll experience on other themes).

Bosco by Automattic

Bosco knows what is important: getting your content up front and in focus for your readers. Try Bosco for your own blog by going to Appearance → Themes in your dashboard.

Widget Areas

There are three separate widget areas located below the content (left, center, and right). Add widgets by going to Appearance → Customize from your dashboard, and then selecting the appropriate widget area.

Bosco by Automattic

Custom Menus

Bosco has one Custom Menu, the main menu which is displayed below the site title. Modify your menu items under Appearance → Menus.

Custom Backgrounds

To set a color or an image for your Custom Background, go to Appearance → Customizeand select Colors. Go even further with the Custom Design upgrade, which includes special color palettes, background patterns, and more.

Post Formats

Bosco supports the following Post Formats: Aside, Audio, Image, Link, Quote, and Video. Examples of each can be seen on the Bosco demo site. If a post is set in a certain post format, this will also be identified in the information below the post.

Bosco by Automattic

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels): 

  1. The main column width is 520.
  2. The footer widget area widths are 205.
  3. Featured Images are 750 wide by unlimited height on both Sticky posts, and as header images on single posts and pages.