Crangasi is a free WordPress theme which focuses on your great content. Taking that into consideration, it is safe to assume that the Crangasi theme works best for a personal blog.

Curious about what this theme can do for you? Well, let`s see some features.

– Theme options included in the Theme Customizer. More to be added soon.

– A color scheme based on six colors. Every post on the index is of a different color, so your blog always looks cool and colourful. For your convinience, all of this colors are changeable, so you can choose the ones you like in real time, using the core Theme Customizer.

– Integration with the icon set Font Awesome, so your site will look cool and modern.

– Integration with the FitVids plugin, so your videos are responsive.

– Social Icons. Read here about setting them up.

– Featured images.

– Responsive design, so you can be sure that your blog looks great on any device.

– Fixed-width sidebar.

– Logo uploader. Don`t want a logo? It`s OK, the theme falls back to your site title&description.

– Fully translatable.