Current is built with app and software products in mind, but it works well as a business or plain-old blog themes.

Just in time for Apple’s own reimagined, flat iOS 7, is a flat WordPress theme for your app or software product. Current strips away all the unnecessary and leaves you with blank canvas with a lot of character.

The home page gives you a great way to large area up top where you can set a heading, subheading, button and add an screenshot of your app. You can also choose a frame for your screenshot. At the moment, we offer flattened versions of the iPad, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3.

As is the case with all our new themes, Current works perfectly with Page Builder, giving you a way to create detailed pages for your documentation.

Even if you’re not creating an app and just want a clean flat design for your blog or business site, Current will work perfectly for you. You can turn off the home page header block and just use it to display your posts or Page Builder content.

Go on, download this one and try it out. You’ll love what it has to offer.

Features You’ll Love

  • Clean, flat design
  • Easy to configure home page banner